With summer coming to a close and autumn approaching it’s about time for fresh beginnings. Virgo season is the perfect time to get back in track as the disciple of the zodiac swiftly moves through life with precise and orderly mannerisms to navigate the world. We can all take from this archetype and instill crafty, efficient and service oriented characteristics into our lives. This being said, let the emotional unpacking commence! September may bring up anxieties and uncertainties within you but will prove to be a transformational time with help from the new moon later in the month.

The intelligence of Virgo will guide us into a space that brings out the clutter we hold on to and do some emotional organizing. Declutter your psyche in order for unexpected opportunities to come your way. The new moon in Virgo will bring about change and new beginnings allowing us to process, integrate and absorb.

*Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.*


The planets that rule the three fire signs are all transitioning through Virgo near your natal Sun. With so many planets in your favor this month is extremely favorable astrologically, dear Virgo! Tune into your generous and loyal heart this September by saying no more.

Practicing creating and holding boundaries is an important skill to work on right now. Use the energy from the new moon on the 14th for new beginnings. Intentions will be most powerful during this time. Ask yourself if the plan you are always needing is a coping mechanism for not being in control. In what ways can you let go of rational and analytical methods and move towards openness? Being in control is vastly underrated, take advantage of this expansive period.


Venus and Saturn, your two biggest planetary allies, fall into the areas of career and responsibility. This suggests change is coming in those houses in your planetary chart, dear Libra. Goals you set in motion earlier this year can move towards resolution this season. Use this time to focus on lightening your work load. Think realistically about how much you can take on.

If you don’t love your work now is a good time to make changes. Take into consideration your values and perceptions of self when moving forward with career choices.


Prepare to take inventory of how you feel, dear Scorpio. Your ruling planets Pluto and Mercury have recently turned direct after a period of retrograde. Use the first week of September to integrate the lessons learned during retrograde into your life now. By doing so your focus will be able to shift into your 11th house which represents friends, long term goals and oneself.

This month is an ideal time to introspect; take time to pay attention to areas of your life where you are struggling. Change the lens through which you view others by adjusting your perspective of yourself.


Challenges to your usual optimism are on the horizon dear Sagittarius. As the month begins Chiron, Neptune, and Uranus are all retrograde which fall into your third and fourth houses which represent your thoughts, values and feelings. Turn your awareness within and ponder on how your thought patterns could be causing blockages in your life.

Use the new moon to move past those blocks and set your sights on making goals to finish out the year strong. Jupiter, which rules you sun sign, transits creating potent events that could take place in the house of career and responsibly. Dream big and you shall bring yourself closer to whatever you wish.


The moon in Aries at the beginning of the month helps guide you out of the confusion that Mercury, Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune brought with retrograde season. This is a period of abundant opportunity and creative expression, dear Capricorn. Visit an old mentor, sign up for a workshop or start a book that will inspire you to approach your goals in a new light.

Learn from those around you to let go of the pressure you put on yourself to compete to come out on top. Virgo season can be tempting to delve even deeper into your career, take a step back. Shift your perception of work; what can you do to lessen the load you carry every day?


With the help of Saturn transiting your sixth house you have laser focus on your life direction this month. Even though the past few months have been muddled with confusion, September brings the light at the end of the tunnel. The new moon will crystallize many things that you have been unsure about, consider all the possibilities offered.

Right now is not the time to overly idealistic, approach situations with both logic and emotion; this may be something new for you, dear Aquarius. You have great power to be a catalytic agent for change, turn inwards and direct that towards yourself.


Creative energies flow like a fish in water right now, dear Pisces. With the help of Saturn transiting through your house of creative self-expression take your time to find the right avenue. Don’t rush the process; Saturn tells you to go within and find the motivation that will propel you long term.

That being said, September brings some challenges as well. Reflect back on matters that you might have swept under the rug. Think about how you can better emotionally process situations that cause you angst so that you don’t have to revisit that feeling. Have faith in your growth, this is a fruitful time in your life.


As September begins the new moon passes through Aries giving you lots of energy to start new things. Take advantage of this energy as it will allow you to express yourself in a calm collected manner. At the same time, Mercury has stationed (stopped) in your house of creativity which could prove to place some blocks in the way of accessing that energy. While this won’t last long, it could be a learning lesson to help you move past some stubborn habits you may have.

The Sun and Mars both fall in your house of ambition and direction later in the month leaving you refreshed and ready for the second half of the year.


Venus rules your sun sign, dear Taurus, and this month it will be a powerful planet alongside Saturn. Saturn resides in your third house which rules communication, writing and business affairs. Saturn’s placement here allows you take a detailed look at your motivation in those areas.

Ask yourself what you want to communicate or accomplish? Use this time to tune into your values and morals to ensure that you can progress in your professional affairs in a nurturing manner.


Emphasis is heavy on your fourth house this month, dear Gemini. Family, home, and your emotional self are all focal points of the fourth house. While this may feel a bit overwhelming at first you have the ability to overcome the challenges. Lean into discomfort and allow yourself to become familiar with the feelings that you tend to ignore or push away.

How can you better become aware of your avoidant tendencies? This month is a time to nurture yourself and those around you. Be honest and what’s cloudy will be revealed.


Saturn is transiting your sign in a unique way this month dear Cancer. An energetic and creative wave is coming your way from the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter moving through your third house which represents the mind and communication. Your mind is fertile and ready to get started on the plans you set out for yourself earlier in the year.

September offers you great opportunity to create, whether it be professional or self growth. You may feel some restless energy but venturing outside your comfort zone is sure to ease that feeling. Remember that discomfort is temporary.


September is a month for growth for you, dear Leo. Focus on being conscious with where you spend your time and money during this time. It’s better to save up for bigger and better things ahead.

After a busy month this is a period of taking everything in rather than taking action. Make a concentrated effort to put your values at the forefront of your life. Ensure that you stand strong in the boundaries you created in relationship and work environments. Whatever feels more authentic to you is the best way to go. Follow your gut this month.