Kajal has been historically used to shield wearers from the effects of the evil eye, reversing its harmful gaze. In the same way, Kajal Magazine rebuffs the damning scrutiny of onlookers to create a space for the South Asian diaspora to raise their voices. We focus on creation, curation, and commentary. Our magazine is published both online and annually in print.

The Staff


Nadya Agrawal is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Kajal Magazine. You can find her on Twitter @nadya_agrawal, Instagram @nadya.agrawal, and wherever fine Bollywood movies are bootlegged. Email her at nadya@kajalmedia.com.

Maya McCoy is the Music Editor at Kajal Magazine. Her paintings and visual art can be found on Instagram @mayamccoyart. Email her at maya@kajalmedia.com.

Justin Joseph

Justin Joseph is the Books and Fiction Editor at Kajal Magazine. If not writing, he’s probably watching old episodes of Arthur. Find him on Twitter @jstinjoseph or email him at justin@kajalmedia.com.

Jeevika Verma is the Poetry Editor at Kajal Magazine. She’s trying to make it as a poet, radio producer, and tarot card reader in New York. Find her @_jeevika on Twitter and Instagram. Email her at jeevika@kajalmedia.com.

Fatima Zehra is an Editor-at-Large for Kajal Magazine. She owns too many red lipsticks. Bother her on Twitter @zebrazehra and Instagram @fatimazehral.

Aziz Adib is the Head of Podcasts at Kajal Magazine. His first screename was Frogman95. You can follow him on Twitter @_azizadib. You should follow him on Twitter. Please.

Manvinder Gill is a Contributor-at-Large at Kajal Magazine. When she’s not exploring the relationship between Sikhism and alcohol, you can find her wearing her mom’s jewelry on Instagram @womanvinder.