Kajal is the HUB for South Asian news and media.

Begun in 2014 with a small team of volunteer writers, Kajal Magazine has since expanded to engage a global audience. Kajal is published both online and in print. We focus on critique, creation, and curation, providing necessary thoughts on topics for the diaspora.

The Staff

Nadya Agrawal is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Kajal Magazine. You can find her on Twitter @nadya_agrawal, Instagram @nadya.agrawal, and wherever fine Bollywood movies are bootlegged.

Fatima Zehra is the Deputy Editor of Kajal Magazine. She owns too many red lipsticks. Bother her on Twitter @zebrazehra and Instagram @fatimazehral.

Jasleena Grewal is the Art Editor at Kajal Magazine. She writes your monthly horoscopes and puts together the playlists. Find her on Twitter @jasleenagrewal.

Nooreen Reza is the Politics Editor at Kajal Magazine. She works on housing justice issues in New York City. You can find her writing in Kajal Magazine, Warscapes, Jaffat el Aqlam, and Outsider Mag. Follow her on Twitter @kamancheh749.

Aziz Adib is a contributing writer at Kajal Magazine. His first screename was Frogman95. You can follow him on Twitter @_azizadib. You should follow him on Twitter. Please.

Asif Hoque is our Artist-in-Residence for 2017–2018. His work is a bold mix of styles, ranging from Impressionist painter Claude Monet to Contemporary Figure painter Jenny Saville. He brings a subtle and sophisticated feel to his paintings through a unique balance of color, composition, and texture. Find him online at asifhoque.com and on Instagram @asifhoque.