Kajal has been historically used to shield wearers from the effects of the evil eye, reversing its harmful gaze. In the same way, Kajal Magazine rebuffs the damning scrutiny of onlookers to create a space for the South Asian diaspora to raise their voices. We focus on creation, curation, and commentary. Our magazine is published both online and annually in print.

The Staff


Nadya Agrawal is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Kajal Magazine. You can find her on Twitter @nadya_agrawal, Instagram @nadya.agrawal, and wherever fine Bollywood movies are bootlegged.

Fatima Zehra is the Deputy Editor of Kajal Magazine. She owns too many red lipsticks. Bother her on Twitter @zebrazehra and Instagram @fatimazehral.

Jasleena Grewal is an Art Editor at Kajal Magazine. She writes your monthly horoscopes. She is also interested in the intersections among art, identity, and social justice. She dreams of a life full of cinnamon rolls and strawberry smoothies. Find her on Twitter @jasleenagrewal.

Amina Khan is an Art Editor at Kajal Magazine. Catch her on Twitter @_am1na or reading Tamil love poems to her Nani.

Nooreen Reza is the Politics Editor at Kajal Magazine. She works on housing justice issues in New York City. She keeps a record of all the places in the city where ducks hang out. Follow her on Twitter @kamancheh749.

Aziz Adib is the Head of Podcasts at Kajal Magazine. His first screename was Frogman95. You can follow him on Twitter @_azizadib. You should follow him on Twitter. Please.

Tara Kenny is a staff writer at Kajal Magazine. She is a Sri Lankan-Australian writer and researcher based in New York. Her work has been published in The Guardian, Catalogue Magazine, Overland, and The Lifted Brow. Expect smutty romance and explorations into mysticism from Tara in 2018. Follow her on Twitter @wordsbytara.

Nandini Moitra is a staff artist at Kajal Magazine based out of Kolkata. They co-organize a queer space in the city and are obsessed with finding queer subtexts in Bollywood movies.

Manvinder Gill is the Social Media Editor at Kajal Magazine. When she’s not exploring the relationship between Sikhism and alcohol, you can find her wearing her mom’s jewelry on Instagram @womanvinder.

Kasturi Shan is the Brand Manager at Kajal Magazine. She is a strategic brand manager and publicist based in New York. Her follow up game is stronggg, just like her love for kapi/coffee. Find her on Twitter @kasturishan and Instagram @kasturishan.

Hera Syed is the Community Outreach and Development Director at Kajal Magazine. She strongly recommends trying guava jelly on your breakfast toast. Find her on Twitter @mudscamp.