Anjali Taneja’s latest single, “Golden Linings,” is a soulful reminder that there’s a powerful beauty in surviving and growing from the hard shit that life throws at us. Co-produced and written with producer Mars Today, guitarist Joel Van Dijk, and Charlie Sierra, the single provides a conversation about pain. As her lyrics go, “golden linings, you leave me bruised, but I don’t mind it//it’s dangerous, but I still dive in//all I see, golden lines — I designed it.”

Taneja says that she views “everything we experience as an opportunity for us to learn something.” Lessons that can be turned into something beautiful — what she sees as “golden linings.”

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., trained in North Indian classical and Sufi music, Taneja’s sound is an effortless blend of R&B, modern soul, and the classical training she began to receive at a young age.

Taneja shared with Kajal that she’s inspired by her dual cultural experience and wants “to create a sonic space in which people don’t feel like they have to choose which parts of themselves to share or hide.”

The single is the second track on her upcoming EP, which will be released later this year.