Welcome to Aries season and Happy Astrological New Year! After the watery, emotional, and vaguely overwhelming season of Pisces, we’ve transitioned into a new realm. This fiery and intense zodiac sign is represented by the ram and brings a sense of purpose and passion to our lives. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it begins with the Spring Equinox–a period of rebirth and rejuvenation. Tend to your vision and manifest it into its truest and fullest colors–this astrological season is here to help you do just that. During this time opportunities will be abundant, but don’t let that trick you. Tap into your assertive self in order to attain these celestial effects. Although there will be a general feeling of anticipation, ambition, and boldness, cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn and Libra) will be affected the most this Aries season.

Aries is a sign known to be brave–the new moon in Aries on April 5th will bring even more energy encompassing a refreshing start, self assertion, and independence. Transform self doubt and challenge your fears by owning up to all that you have committed to. New moons are also known to bring about clarity–use this time to hone in on your long term goals.

Following the new moon Jupiter goes into retrograde on April 10th –unlike the buzz surrounding Mercury retrogrades Jupiter retrogrades last for 120 days and allows us to dive deeper into our personal belief systems, visions–a sort of spiritual introspection. Aligned with spring cleaning it is always useful to continually grow and expand both your philosophical and spiritual outlook during this period.

*Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.*


This is a new year starting with a solar eclipse in your sign on April 8th –bringing change and transformation, which is much overdue. The next chapter of your life is sure to unfold, but don’t expect drastic changes. Take time to plan and manifest your vision.

Venus increases romantic and artistic opportunities but don’t mistake this energy to revolve solely around relationship matters–this cosmic energy directed inwards will reap the most rewards. Use your powerful leadership abilities along with creative surges to aid you along both domestic and career fronts. Keep patient, as the ram can often be described as aggressive or competitive, notice the range you embody as an Aries. You are known to act in line with the world’s highest ideals–observe the ebb and flow of the seasonal turning point, celebrating each developmental stage with new frontiers of consciousness.


With Venus as your ruler in your 12th house this month you’re sure to be deeply inspired this month. Clandestine pursuits and love and art serve you well after the period of isolation previous otherwise known as Mercury Retrograde. Clarity and empathy come with this time of personal regeneration that is Aries season.

Be wary of the solar eclipse approaching on April 8th – issues from the past can arise. Pay attention to your healing process. Your dreams will be extremely important as your subconscious will be at play for good. Keep a dream journal to track any visions that come to you this month. Challenges with authority may come up in your career sector, observe how you view confrontation and be careful not to overstep any boundaries when it comes to your temper. Lean into your practical and hardworking characteristics for new beginnings.


Dear Gemini, take this time to pursue your hopes and wishes by connecting with new people and aligning your energies with those in your social circle and community. All month powerful creative urges become fulfilled–with the help of Neptune your perspective in photography, film and music may become sharper.

The lunar eclipse on April 24th brings some unexpected by positive change in your career and finance areas of your chart. Take a look at how you can bring more value into your work life–in what ways do you see yourself moving forward? Rely on your senses to guide you this month, it may feel odd to go against the grain of your rational self but tapping into the courage of Aries to bring you closer to your goals.


Focus on your 10th house this month–direct your energies towards career and public reputation which will see a renewal. The new moon and solar eclipse on the 8th of this month is especially important as the moon is your ruling planet. Channel your nurturing and protective characteristics inwards–take note of how you feel throughout this month and direct healing energies towards yourself.

Progress will manifest after retrograde ends in regard to a new career opportunity, seek out a position that you have been working hard for–Aries season calls for assertiveness and strength. With this in mind, be sure to recognize humility and recognize the danger of overreaching. Take time to reflect and tune into your intuition.


This month your urge for growth–namely philosophically and metaphysically–is intensified after the trying period of retrograde that has ended. Your communication gifts are inspired and combining love and intellect will take you far. Indulge in writing, journaling and documentation of your thoughts.

This being said, the lunar eclipse falls in your 4th house of roots, home and family–there may be a necessary purging of old terms in your domestic base. Beware of the lure of glamour, the intriguing affect can often be misleading, focus on what you know for sure–use this as a guiding light. With the spirit of Aries and the astrological new year this will come naturally to you. Keep grounded amidst heightened sensitivity during this time.


Buckle up Virgo–the time has come to get personal with yourself and others. There is no room for superficiality. In the spirit of the ram dig deep even if it is uncomfortable. Long avoided issues will unearth this month, don’t fight it, use your skills of analysis to become introspective and get to the root of what you’re faced with.

Give yourself room to grow, change will not come overnight. Be gentle with your progress. Become familiar with facing the inevitability of fated truncations and twists of life–journal, meditate or talk with a close friend to aid with this journey. This solar eclipse will encourage you to face your fears and you’re sure to feel renewed.


Inspiration is abundant for you Libra–this is of no surprise as your sign embodies beauty and balance. April brings harmony and affection after Mercury Retrograde making communication simple and effective.

Mars adds a touch of assertion to your usually neutral stance in a positive light–take an iron fist approach when it feels necessary. It will feel freeing to move away from indecisiveness. The scales may shift with the lunar eclipse later in the month in the area of finance but not to worry, be mindful of your spending–monetary and energetically.


Ring in the new this April dear Scorpio–your eye for change will come to your advantage in both your life and work environments. Bring more harmony into these areas of your life. Introduce a new habit to practice and you may even see this benefit your relationships.

As you are a fixed sign, rumblings in the depths of yourself (past anger or unresolved issues) may arise, be careful not to fall into the hands of self–destruction. Notice how your identity is morphing just as spring is blooming all around you. How can you downgrade your ego, loosen your attachments and open your heart? Pay attention to truth and go easy on yourself during this healing time. The lunar eclipse will expose you to new ways of life. Find solace in another change to begin again.


April enhances all that it is to be a fun loving, free spirti Sagittarius. Tap into the creative forces driving you from the new moon and solar eclipse this month. Mars will encourage your communication skills through mental insight–keep track of how you can best get your thoughts and feelings across to others.

Uranus may cause some erratic forms of mood swings. Fear not, your talent to bring ease and inspiration will guide you through this time. Let photography, music and art fuel your intuition. The lunar eclipse this month will act as the end of a chapter in this life–channel your dreams in attempt to understand your changing psyche.


Think of April as a self revolution, Capricorn. Domestic focus may call the need to confront some core issues but do this with self-compassion. The Sun and Venus combine in your favor to bring about indulgence to your life–revel in this as it is rare that you allow gratification in.

In light of the new Moon and solar eclipse ask yourself what you really want. Are you being authentic to your desires? With feelings of renewal this Aries season, along with the support of Jupiter in your favor you will excel in your career sector, be wary of complacency–you haven’t reached your potential yet. The lunar eclipse on April 24th can bring some insight regarding a change in value system and goals. Tune into your skills on productivity to better your everyday life.


Metaphysical and spiritual values are important to you right now, dear Aquarius. You may feel the need to restructure the way you think on these aspects in your life–harness the nature of new beginnings this month to do so. Ask yourself where you broaden your understanding of perception, high ideals and benefit mankind.

The 9th house in your chart is activated which can increase your independent nature. Travel and spend time in your intellect. Mars just so happens to be in Aquarius this month which certainly gives you the courage, ambition, and energy towards whatever you desire. Beware of self–glory or selective perception–uncover and honor your goals without putting on rose tinted glasses. The full moon and lunar eclipse on April 24th may bring up some disruptive affairs. Keep a philosophical attitude and face your truths.


As the previous month was quite eventful for you, Pisces, April is a month which brings tranquility. The solar eclipse on April 8th may take you closer to an investment–not necessarily financial but surely generous. Uranus in your sign inspires you to yearn for freedom. Llet your guard down and allow yourself to feel without diving in too deep to your thoughts and emotions.

Aries season can draw out your inner humanitarian. Redirect your tendency to get lost in your head to practice giving your time to those in need. With Mars in your solar 12th house take heed when holding onto past grievances–air out what bothers you in whatever fashion feels most comfortable. Remember, internalized anger will only cause strife within yourself. Rewire your habits this month–your power for psychic healing is strong.