Tuesday, August 14

April Horoscopes: Spring Shapes

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Trust what shows itself.

Where do you catch your omens? Do you believe in synchronicity? Studying astrology is one of the deepest ways one can honor the ways our energies are connected. Spring brings in dappling light: we start to see things differently. It’s a great time to pay attention.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in the sky. You are Pisces’ neighbor; stargazing and sunset chasing is a penchant you share. Will you be flying somewhere? Make sure to take a look at the sky’s storyline en route to your destination. If you find yourself lost, find a pointer star. It may or may not help you navigate, but it will stir you and help you remember what you were born for: to find out.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in cracks. Read between the lines. It’s a practice that reveals the reality of things. It will reveal to you others intentions, dreams, and cowardice. What you see in others are also qualities you can dig out or are already present in yourself, and you’re in for some awakenings. This can be tiring, so don’t forget to find some snug places to rest. You’ll fit in all the cracks.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in silence. Your lessons and strengths are in communication. One hue of this is silence. How do you use it and how do others? If silence was a paint swatch, what would it look like? Do you like the current state of it? It’s never too late to change directions or make little shifts in your interactions. You are not a tree, and thank god for that.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in conventional art. I don’t mean, like, boring art. I mean go to museums. Look at the pattern on your pajamas. What you’ve hung on your walls and on to yourself. Look at art that encompasses the formal definition of it: to be viewed, admired, perfected, imitated. Confusion won’t cut it anymore. Darkness is fading. Really look at it. What do you see?

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in patches of light. People, animals, and objects look tantalizingly dewy in them. Nothing, nothing, NOTHING can beat the natural light we are blessed with on this earth. There will be some days you feel like you are not looking or feeling your best, but as Belle told Beast in the castle prison, “Step into the light.” She saw someone majestic and terrifying.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in scent trails. Where do they lead you? Memory lives in scent. Wander this month, Virgo: to the wood of abandoned mansions, bakeries selling crystals, places of serendipity. Treasure abounds for you. Take what you find because the universe is circling back with you right now, giving you thanks for your existence. Allergies might be at their height, but this doesn’t stop you from sniffing out what best serves you.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in melody. I mean on the train: the chatter, the shuffling, the video game stop signals. I mean listen to your breath and feet when you walk, and the goo that separates when you open your eyes in the morning. These are all ways of being with yourself; they’re natural highs. Chase these melodies like you’re in a marathon, and you’ll have a nice collection to string up for viewing later.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in distance. How do you drift towards or away from people, and how do others do this with you? Your nervous system will find connection with someone who can comfort you, whether they are near or far. You might visit each other in dreams. You don’t need to index any messages for them beforehand– instead, they will unfold as they need, revealing some hidden truths.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in sounds. This is different than Libra’s melody advisory. What I mean is: sudden pops, a clank of the dishes, and soundtrack music that makes you jump. The way you respond to acute signaling tells you something about yourself. You may bask in your own delight, enjoy a little fright, or realize that you need to be somewhere or do something.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in texture. Your whole persona can change depending on whether you choose a loveseat or wooden booth for an upcoming date. Spring lends itself to the most freedom and variety in textures you can choose to wear, so consider being intentional with that kind of opportunity. Capricorns show up everywhere like they’re famous. Keep doing that.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look into the mirror. Your horoscope is different from all the rest because I think you’ve been hard on yourself. Look into the mirror and love all the ways your face expresses itself. Say one thing to yourself that affirms your inherent worthiness. Gaze into your own eyes, especially. Realize how much is held in your sockets. Release some of it if you need, with a breath that comes from your heart.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Look for signs in spills. This goes for what you and others spill. Leakage is a part of life, and this is where messages JUMP OUT! Does the water on the carpet look like an eel pointing somewhere? Take note and google the omen later. If you see a face, that person is surely thinking of you. If you see something oozing, even out of your face, how does it solidify and why is it happening? Pay attention!


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