Hello, and happy Leo Season!

There are ​three​ major astrological events I’d like to bring our attention to this month. The first one is on the ​7th of August​, when U​ranus enters retrograde, ​joining Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Neptune ​and​ Pluto.

Uranus is the planet of surprises! This Uranus retrograde brings us face to face with areas of our life that could be causing us to feel stuck or stagnant. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or routine, Uranus will unrelentingly beg us to question, “How is this serving you, and is it worth preserving?”

Just four days later, and with Uranus’s influence in full force, we experience a ​Solar Eclipse in Leo​ on the ​11th of August​. The solar eclipse is a ​really b​ig new moon, and as with all new moons, it’s a great time to set new intentions.

We finally end the month with the ​Full Moon in Pisces​ (The Sturgeon Moon) on the ​26th of August, which will douse the earth in lush moonlight from evening until dawn.

Leo is a sign of royalty that centers love, loyalty, and joy.

With ​Uranus Retrograde​ shaking up constants in our lives, and causing potential turbulence amongst romantic relationships, the intersection of this retrograde with Leo Eclipse energy makes August a great time to rethink the way we express ourselves in spaces of love and desire. Additionally, the gentle Pisces energy in place on the full moon gives us space to think about how we show people we love them ​non-verbally​.

The end of August will be the best time to make serious headway on creative projects. This is because Mercury and Mars exit their retrograde phases on the ​19th and 27th of August​, releasing energies that have been helpful for ideation/incubation, but were stifling in showing tangible evidence towards progress.

So what can we expect in the coming days, and where can we predict these events will guide us? Here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs.

P.S.​ In homage to ​so​ much retrograde in the skies, I’ll be listing my predictions “backwards”; beginning with Pisces and ending with Aries!

**​A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs, and read those predictions as well. Seeking one’s self based solely on a Sun Sign reading can be inaccurate. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one; built on a​ ll planetary positions when you were born.*​ *


Don’t ignore the extroverted energy coming your way in the middle of August, Pisces. You’ve been incubating, and ​really​ putting in work towards changing habits that no longer serve you. And I know this has proven difficult! You’ve been going against your dreamy nature by pulling your mind back to reality to have some transformative discussions; perhaps in relation to your physical health.

Now, it’s time to revisit external energies and platonic friendships. Check in on what the needs are of the people who love you – as I’m sure they’ve missed your empathetic attention. Oh, and also: if you find yourself in a place of romantic indecision when the Sturgeon full moon rolls around, take a bath – and invite someone to join you!


This solar eclipse will plants seeds for you, Aquarius. It’s going to call you to get involved with something (or someone?!) far away. A new, lucid beginning. This pushes you to explore a new place, which can be difficult to follow when your fixed nature keeps you grounded by locales like the home and/or studio.

Give in to your airy abilities, and let yourself float. Perhaps the most romantic thing you can do right now is to invite a lover on the journey with you, despite your natural inclination to love wandering on your own! They might realize the magnitude of the gesture in you asking them to come.


Capricorn, this month the Solar Eclipse in Leo will occur in your 8th House. The 8th House rules finance and sexuality, so this union could reveal new smoldering, sexual energies for you; waiting eagerly to be realized and released.

Now is the time to indulge. Place conscious emphasis on your desires. Explore an unfamiliar love language, and build a new foundation for the way lust manifests in your life. If there’s a sex toy sitting in your shopping cart or wish list right now – buy it!


This month it’s crucial to keep your eyes set in the distance, Sag. Retrogrades cause a notable slowing-down in our lives; something that may frustrate you and the ambitious pace at which you enjoy moving. Try and embrace this change in tempo.

Look towards the people in your close relationships in a way that transcends their normative roles as friends, family members, or lovers. Allow them to also be your teachers! Ask yourself what you can you learn from them. It is likely that if you listen, you might adapt a new outlook or philosophy that transforms your macro-level path.


August may feel like all work and no play, Scorpio, but there’s plenty of time to still enjoy some summertime relaxation. This retrograde and solar eclipse could bring you up against some career or workplace tensions due to the slow-moving pace everyone is moving at. They’re simply not enough for you, and your fuse is short!

But as you continue to work hard at your usual rapid pace, pressure will release naturally. The fruits of your labor will finally show themselves when Mercury and Mars (your ruling planet) go direct at the end of August. You’ll finally feel it’s the right time to ask that person on a date, accept those dinner invites, and exhale out the rigidity you’ve been engulfed in.


While lately your energy-emphasis has been career focused, new social activity has been accruing on the sidelines. This August, friendships are first on the agenda, Libra. Fated friendships that form around the time of the eclipse can often stay for years, and it is likely that a shift in your social circles could be happening – with you at the center.

In this realm of new friendships and/or relationships, how will you continue to present yourself? Perhaps it’s time to think about the ways your values have shifted these past few years which will guide you to showing the most honest representation of yourself to the people you meet.


You’re detail oriented through and through, Virgo. Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograding through your 12th house. This is the house of loss and endings, so specific bits of your routine that you rely on for stability might transform, or even disappear. The solar eclipse is also an opportunity for you to delve into research, or finish a project that’s been looming in the background for quite a while!

This time be pensive, which requires emphasis on locating “details” of your life, could prove a well constructed chance for you to negotiate your intimate relationships. Trust how thoroughly you think things through, and let your heart speak when deciding whether or not it’s time to cut someone/something out.


It’s your season, Leo, and nothing about what this month will bring you is subtle! With the eclipse and retrogrades occurring in your sign, transformation is on the doorstep. You may have already felt the intensity of recent lunar eclipse, but if not, this solar eclipse will bring it in an indisputable, material way.

Physical aspects of your life in relation to your body are in flux. Use this new moon eclipse to set intentions about your relationship with your body, and how you want it to play out over the next six months of eclipse influence. In addition to this, think about the way your body operates in relation to your intimate partner(s). Meditate on what feels good, and what the newfound needs Uranus digging up might mean


Don’t let this solar eclipse in Leo cause you to despair on over-arching personal or financial issues, Cancer. Holding out for Virgo season (and when Mercury goes direct) will prove worthwhile. Restored confidence and self assurance will return wholeheartedly, along with prosperity resulting from your willingness to recognize what you’re good at.

August may also be the perfect time to do some redecorating with bae – whether bae is yourself or another person(s)! Refresh your space with a new artwork, plants, or new coat of paint – and why not use every opportunity to turn the process into a lusty, indulgent adventure?!


The past keeps rising up to greet you in ways you didn’t expect, Gemini. This is no coincidence, as your ruling planet Mercury is retrograding across the skies. Miscommunications, delays, and slow-downs are common in this time, as well as a cosmic invitation to revisit old relationships, friendships, lovers, or all three!

With the eclipse happening in your 3rd house, which rules the mind and intellect, there’s a new skill you’re developing which could prove central to a shift in your life path. Can you trust yourself to embrace this change? Although my words thus far may seem very serious, there’s still plenty of flirtatious energy for you to channel this August, too! Let yourself get lost in the lustful vibes Venus in Libra brings at the beginning of the month. Maybe that lover of yours emerging from the past is here for seconds!


Taurus and Leo energies speak to one another with ease; placing great emphasis on the truth of the heart. Although you might be expecting to sit comfortably this Leo season, Taurus, Uranus has other things in the books for you! Try not to occupy a change-resistant headspace, bull. See this August as a chance for you to lower your horns, and take things in stride.

I suggest harnessing Uranus’s energy by experimenting with a wholesome new recipe, then sharing the joy of this creation with loved ones. Perhaps it’s time to schedule a divine dinner party around the full moon?


While it is likely that for other sign the beginning of this month will prove intense, it’s the end of August you should look out for, Aries. Your ruling planet, Mars, will restore your unrelenting drive when when it goes direct on the 27th. This charge will bolster career ambitions, but creates the potential to let important people in your life fall by the wayside; lovers and friends alike.

With this in mind, don’t forget to give special attention to your lovers this month! Listen to them closely, and maybe even channel Uranus by surprising them with a something intimate – kinky or otherwise!