Everything is going to change.

On August 21st, the U.S. will see its first solar eclipse sweep across the continent after 99 years. Everything is going to change.

Get ready for startling truths, dramatic transformations, and personal overhauls. Some may experience the eclipsing of toxic energies out of their lives. Take your gut instincts seriously. If you’ve been slacking or turning your cheek on certain matters, chances are you will face them again. The universe is striking a flame underneath our bottoms.

As the months have gone on, collective perception has become clearer. There is strength and humility in weariness. August is here to inject energy back into the year’s tired musculature.

Read about what the solar eclipse means for your sun sign below.


You are born to lead. Not in the empty, hard sense of the word. In the most authentic, compassionate, and creative way. Your leadership qualities may be challenged or revised under the solar eclipse. There was never a good challenge that you didn’t like, though. Leadership builds on self-image and relation to others, and the month will be a mirror with a siren on it. It will elocute the self-awareness you need to try on changes. You are no stranger to destruction as creativity.


You may be remembering what it is like to love all of someone–requited, unrequited, forever, and sometimes. The eclipse energy will deeply situate you in that. You will enjoy the feeling of sitting in the sun’s hot seat. You will use this time to honor the relationships that serve you, feed the ones that are starving, and weed out the ones that aren’t worthwhile. You will be able to categorize these quickly and pave an easy way to least resistance. Love has been hard. It doesn’t need to be that way right now.


The eclipse is handing you a red pen. You have been cultivating justice in all the realms of your life. It’s time to cross out and correct parts of your narrative that are not working anymore. Remember that charity makes us feel good about ourselves but working for justice can be uncomfortable. August will help you name the justice your soul needs. You may have to dig up and eviscerate some uncomfortable truths. But you will come out of it blushing and refreshed.


There’s a way you can sense the emotional turmoil of others and provide the means to attenuate it. But when it comes to your own turmoil, it can take you away from being with others in complete presence. Cancer crabs are known for their presence, glitchy from time to time under strong tides. The eclipse is one strong tide that will make you steadfast, though, and put you right back into your body so you can show up for yourself as much as you do for others.


The solar eclipse is happening in your sign, Leo. It is happening in its home. This is not only your month but it is your year. The eclipse will render you as vulnerable as any other sign, but you will also gain an unrelenting inner strength. Strength and vulnerability are ingredients for empathy. This is what your sign symbolizes. You are an empath Leo, there isn’t a soul you do not accept. The world needs your kind of embrace.


Comfort is important to you, Virgo. It is important to you because you are always structuring it for others. You face and exorcise your discomforts to earn your comforts. This is the magic of a Virgo. This is what will happen with the eclipse. You may feel that you are able to sit in your insecurities and darkness, finally, after a long time. Hold hands with it. Sometimes, those things are just a part of us.


Old habits die hard. Well, it’s time for them to die now. I knew a Libra who ate a grapefruit every morning and drank two beers every other night. A Libra knows balance because a Libra knows excess. The excess is going to clear out now. Send light to the ways it served you, because hedonism can be beautiful and we need it. Show yourself a new side of you, illuminating your true soul that is always learning. Show yourself. Others will take note as the universe dictates.


No one loves others in their intensity and insanity better than a Scorpio. No one can lift the shame of a dark moment like a Scorpio. A Scorpio’s love is like the whole ocean. Enveloping. A Scorpio knows themselves so they know others. Despite that, you can still be hard on yourself. The eclipse is here to guide you to a level of self-care you may have not known before or will rediscover. You will carry it forward for years.


This eclipse is bringing you wild times, Saggi. You are the one who folds your one-night-lover’s clothes and lays them out for them the next morning. You are the one Sam Smith is singing to, “Stay With Me.” You are tender. The eclipse energy will highlight that quality about you. As you rove through life, though, take some breaks. We all want a piece of you, but will patiently wait so long as your soul is intact.


This eclipse will reveal where your boundaries start and end. It will reveal with whom to proceed with caution, patience, and scrupulousness. It will teach you how to say “no” and “that’s ok.” And mean it. It will show you whom you’ve hurt and where you need to heal. It will show you where you are hurting and guide you to seek the balm that best suits you. Focusing the healing on just one biting part of your life will have rippling and lasting effects on the others.


You are a paragon of the virtue of forgiveness. You teach us how to forgive ourselves, over and over. How can you service yourself under the eclipse energy? Many of your burdens may dissolve and you will feel a new lightness in the way you carry yourself in the world. It’s a cruel one and you show us how it’s to be handled. Meet your humanity with softness, even it means just buying a body pillow.


This eclipse will teach you the virtues of silence and speech. You will lurch into the extremes of both. You will learn how each will serve you interpersonally and professionally. Silence and speech are modes of safety and self-preservation. They are boundary-builders. It’s a time when you feel comfortable in both of these powers. Their wisdom already lives in you. Your actions may feel unconscious but under the eclipse energy, they are auto-regulating.