Fatima Zehra

Poem: Mutations

December 9, 2019

i have tried to catalogue my own mutation as my body peels gradually away from the place i come from. i cannot recognize this shape anymore, each time i walk on a straight edge it feels like a border, any line becomes a carving of land. i can’t think about the blue of water without … Read More

Ramy Focuses on the Search for Balance in Islam

May 10, 2019

Ramy, streaming now on Hulu, follows the life of Ramy Hassan, a Muslim American man who lives in New Jersey with his family. It delves into the classic trials of being a first-generation immigrant Muslim. The show’s creator, 28 year old Ramy Youssef, is also an Egyptian-American Muslim from New Jersey. While the show isn’t … Read More

Jayisha Patel’s CIRCLE Explores the Repetitive Nature of Violence

September 20, 2018

CIRCLE, a film by Jayisha Patel that premiered last weekend at the Berlin Film Festival, tells the story of a young girl in rural Uttar Pradesh, India, and the physical manifestations of intergenerational trauma. The film follows the story of Khushbu, a survivor of sexual assault, as she recounts her gang-rape at the hands of … Read More

Marvia Malik is Pakistan’s First Transgender TV Anchor

March 27, 2018

Marvia Malik, a 21 year old journalism graduate and model, has just been hired as Pakistan’s first transgender news anchor. Malik was hired by the station Kohenoor TV. She made news earlier this month as the first transgender model on the runway at the Pakistan Fashion Design Council. Overwhelmed by the love and support she … Read More

Krishna Kohli Is the First Dalit Hindu Woman Elected to Pakistan’s Senate

March 5, 2018

Krishna Kohli was elected to Pakistan’s Senate on Saturday. A Dalit Hindu, she is the first female Senator to be elected from a marginalized caste in the country’s history. Kohli has been elected as part of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), and will be sworn in later this month. The PPP, Pakistan’s left-wing, socially progressive … Read More

India Plans to Roll Out Universal Healthcare

February 14, 2018

Earlier this month, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration announced plans to push for universal healthcare in India. So far, his budget proposal envisions providing healthcare support and health insurance for 100 million low-income families in India, which would cover 40% of the population. Eventually, the government plans to roll out accessible health insurance to … Read More

#DesiWallofShame Holds South Asians in Trump’s Administration Accountable

February 7, 2018

Desi Wall of Shame, a social media hashtag-turned-website, highlights South Asians in the public sphere with reprehensible politics. Notable South Asians working with the Trump administration have all made the list, for what the website details is their “anti-immigrant, anti-civil rights, anti-Muslim, anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-Internet agenda(s).” Wondering who’s on the #DesiWallofShame defending Trump’s racist policies over the past year? Here are … Read More

ICE Arrests Bangladeshi Man Who Has Spent 30 Years in the U.S.

February 6, 2018

UPDATE 2/8/2018: Syed Ahmed Jamal has been granted a temporary stay by Judge Glen Baker to allow his brother time to correct Jamal’s immigration status. Syed Ahmed Jamal of Lawrence, Kansas, was arrested by ICE on January 24th from his front yard while he was trying to drop his daughter off at school. Jamal, 55, had … Read More

Aladdin Live-Action Remake “Browns Up” White Extras

January 9, 2018

Disney’s Aladdin, apparent bane of my existence and the film company’s new live action remake, has been accused of “browning up” their white extras. Set in the fictional city of Agrabah (you know, somewhere oriental and exotic), where “brown” people dwell, Aladdin’s extras have been receiving extreme tans on set for what I can only … Read More

Code-Switched Is a Webseries By and For South Asians

December 4, 2017

Code-Switched, a new show by, for, and about young South Asians just released its pilot episode. Starring Sonal Aggarwal, Sabeen Sadiq, Saurabh Pande, Vikram Pandya, and Stephen George as a bunch of young South Asians dealing with work, family, and love in Chicago. Kajal spoke with show creator Karan Sunil about representation, brown folks in … Read More

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