Jasleena Grewal

I Spy Something Painterly

March 13, 2018

Art is in the medium. As technology progresses, so does art. But the value in using classic mediums has not, and will not, be denigrated. Experiencing an artwork with real brushstrokes is the same as experiencing a book written on real paper. It literally affects your body in a different way. Researchers and educators Julia … Read More

March Horoscopes: Our Animal Histories

March 1, 2018

As we transition to spring, the world becomes more lively. Take heed from astrological animal guides. Aries Dolphins are more empathically evolved than humans. The cortex of their brains are more developed in that way, more lit up. They show more compassion and so it’s no wonder that they are more creatively gifted as well. … Read More

February Horoscopes: Creativity, Comfort, and Tiny Tantrums

February 8, 2018

Last year we washed and dried our dirty laundry. Now we’re just lying in it. The month of January was weird and rough. There’s not so much a clearing this month as there is a wave of creativity, and a powerful quieting. With the Sun transitioning from Aquarius to Pisces, where Venus and Mercury will … Read More

3 Modern Sikh Artists You Should Know About

January 26, 2018

This work is not your monolith. Sikhi has a beautiful way of evoking even perspectives from those who embrace it. Below are three amazing artists who evoke their faith in their work. These artists don’t just carry a spirituality, they exude it. It is more than a part of them. They are exemplars of what it … Read More

Why Did Jagmeet Singh Avoid a Loaded Question About Sikh Nationalism?

January 21, 2018

Jagmeet Singh just got engaged and the hype is making me go back to one very telling conversation. “Just think about this,” my dad told me, as he texted me the link to Jagmeet Singh’s bizarre interview with Terry Milewski. I am Canadian by birth, Punjabi Sikh by ethnicity, American by naturalization, and socialist by … Read More

Swap Your History Book for the Tenderly Curated Bengali Arts Tableaux

January 11, 2018

Burrow in the art and spirit of teleological research. Bengali Arts Tableaux is a set of stories, photographs, artwork, and ethnography constellating the rich, expansive, and under-represented Bengali art-world and history therein, as in South Asian culture there is no difference between these concepts. Mahdi Chowdhury produced and authored the 62-page collection to provide a … Read More

January Horoscopes: Energies of the Ancient Art World

January 7, 2018

Find yourself in fine art. January is bursting with forward outlooks, but I want to meet our past as more than just a study. The past informs the way we experience the present. When we look at an artwork, we witness and enshroud it with our experiences, overlaying it with our personal poetics. Art nourishes … Read More

Let Raveena Aurora Wrap You in a Daydream

December 28, 2017

Find strength and surrender in a pink dream. I want to keep Raveena Aurora’s music a secret. It is empathic and sensual. Her voice is a tender derivative of her soul; I want to put a shell around it and protect it from the world’s clawed fingers. Dreamscape melodies meet in houses of chill-groove and … Read More

December Horoscopes: Riddles and Affirmations for the Anti-Year-End

December 8, 2017

The anti-year-end horoscope. As per the Gregorian calendar, the year is ending. As for the rest of us, not quite, unless you are real life Roman numeral. What does the Gregorian New Year’s Eve mean for people who count from Vaisakhi, Lunar New Year, their birthdays, or don’t know or care too often what day … Read More

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