Tanya Rawal-Jindia

This Diwali, Trump Is Trying To Be ‘Mumbay’

October 27, 2016

Trump’s accidental portmanteau helps us understand the alliance between Republicans and Hindu nationalists. A few minutes into his speech at the Republican Hindu Coalition event, Trump said Mumbay in an attempt to refer to India’s financial capital. He quickly corrected himself to say Mumbai, but his fumble is telling of the developing Republican-Hindu alliance. https://medium.com/media/a51427182e388be6d08a9e6acff0245e/hrefhttps://medium.com/media/a51427182e388be6d08a9e6acff0245e/href … Read More

Accusations of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Reinforce the 1%

August 16, 2016

Let’s continue to get angry at people profiting from the cultures they dismiss, but let’s articulate this problem without reinforcing exploitative economies. Accusing people of cultural appropriation might seem critical, but it upholds the values of the 1%. Those values are ownership, capital, and private property. Appropriation — of culture, land, or water — is the act of dispossessing … Read More

Gandhi’s Voice in Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’

May 6, 2016

  I was thrilled when I heard the voice of Christopher Walken as King Louie in Disney’s The Jungle Book! I would call this a genius move on Favreau’s part as it allowed him to break away from the anti-black racism that is associated with Disney’s 1967 version. But I wonder if audiences have been … Read More