When my last final was over, I spent the first hour of my own azaadi staring at the ceiling. This playlist is about what happened when I finally got out of bed. Summer doesn’t start slowly — I throw myself into anything, any time. It is about drinking anything my mom will let me by a body of water, driving cars that don’t belong to me, hanging out with people I can dance with. Summer is purple lipstick and trying to get my hair to do something different. Finally learning how to longboard.

And, at the end, a pause. Summer, for me, is about a change the tempo, like the inclusion of the last song. It is a time of clarity. The season for falling asleep in the arms of my loved ones. Slowdance to your Azaadi, to liberty afforded by empty time.

  1. Weekend Money // Yellow (Feat. Heems)
  2. Das Racist // Combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut (Wallpaper RMX)
  3. Ben Khan // Red
  4. Horsepowar // My Motherland
  5. Kool A.D. // Open Letter
  6. Outlandish // Walou (Remix)
  7. Das Racist (Feat. Lakutis)//Amazing
  8. UDAAN// Azaadiyan