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He took down the “lowercase kkk” movement and Trump.

I’ll be the first to say I had misgivings about Aziz Ansari hosting SNL this week. Not only was he the first South Asian host ever (something that is a dubious beacon of positivity in 2017), but this was the same show that invited Donald Trump to take centerstage in the middle of the election.

But Aziz did good. He spent all 9 minutes of his time talking about Trump, the election, fear, and white supremacy. He delivered humor and truth straight into the living rooms of America.

“The day after Trump’s inauguration — pretty cool to know, though, he’s probably at home watching a brown guy make fun of him, right?” Aziz said, riffing on Trump’s propensity to tweet his feelings about Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of him.

“Crazy couple of days. Yesterday Trump was inaugurated. Today, an entire gender protested against him.”

Aziz went on to discuss voters and how the country needs to pull together despite differing ideas. He concluded his monologue on a warm and hopeful note.

“I know there’s a lot of people that are worried right now. It’s a weird time…If you’re scared about Trump and you’re very worried, you’re going to be ok,” he said. “If you look at our country’s history, change doesn’t come from presidents. Change comes from large groups of angry people. And if day one is any indication, you are part of the largest group of angry people I have every seen. Good luck to ya.”

Watch the whole monologue below.