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The Australian brand Badaam is back with a new collection of sets, shirts, and saris. And they’re all gender-neutral.

When we spoke to Badaam’s founder and designer Priyanka Koul, she mentioned that she was working on menswear and expanding the reach of the brand.

“I am creating garments for men and women who have been brought up with more than one culture. I want people to feel represented, creative and like they have a voice,” Koul told Kajal. “Menswear is on the horizon. Very excited about this. I mean we already have guys who want to wear our saris and who have worn our salwars but I would like to give them more options. People should feel free wear whatever inspires them.”

Badaam is also focusing on textiles, as it is known to do, and include descriptions of the history and process of all the textiles used in the collection’s garments. For the Almond Milk dress made from Khadi fabric, the site says, “The fabric is handwoven in India. Khadi was part of Gandhi’s movement in promoting the spinning of cotton for rural self-employment and self-reliance.”

Many of the pieces also include the statement “This style is not gender bias.”