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Coinciding along with the summer solstice, the sun visits sensitive cancer this month. For three days the sun seems to almost stop in the sky at its northernmost point as it passes over the tropic of cancer. The rules the masculine while cancer is governed by the feminine moon. Cancer is symbolized by the self-protective crab; the caretaker of the zodiac. Both opposing characteristics come together at this special time to honor your heart.

The transition from Gemini season allows us to slow down and tune into ourselves. You may feel more inclined to stay in rather than be out socializing as you did the month previous. Cancer season can be a comforting time as it heightens our feelings and emotions. Remind yourself that your feelings are important but stay grounded as moods tend to fluctuate wildly. Cancer rules the fourth house of the zodiac representing our roots. Take time this month to establish a sense of home – whether that’s a place to go or a feeling to feel.

Cardinal water signs such as Cancer are highly intuitive initiators, these signs typically take control when it comes to expression of feelings. With this comes defensiveness, over-sensitivity and possessive qualities as well; be careful of how you indulge in thoughts, feelings and emotions this month. Take care to note how you process and move through the world, are you giving into any of the shadow qualities of a Cancer?

*Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.*

All art by Nandini Moitra


Use this month to unpack internal patterns within your partnerships with others. As a water sign your strong suit is your ability to be deeply intuitive and sentimental. Shift your perspective within your relations with others, are you placing blame on others for the dynamic you keep finding yourself in? Call yourself into responsibility when it comes to the needs you want to be met. Allow yourself to let go of any unhealthy compromises you have allowed into your life. As Jupiter begins its retrograde period your manifestation powers will heighten immensely. Take advantage of this imaginative time to bring about an honest approach to how you love. Sleep, dream and dance towards the life you deserve.


July is for channeling your vital, charismatic, expressive qualities inwards. As the ruler of radiance and energy of the zodiac, those with Leo placements thrive on creativity and drama. With so much outward focus a Leo can easily get burnt out, this month take time to focus on taking care of yourself. Instead of relying on quick fixes and capricious habits begin to maintain mental and physical health. The pattern in this sky this month will make you mentally stronger and more capable of making independent decisions without outside help. Make the most of this time dear Leo; you have half the cosmos on your side and Venus in your sign to give yourself nourishment and care you need to feel harmonious.


Mercury has a heavy influence on you this month, as your ruling planet remains in Leo for this month you turn inwards. Along with Mercury turning retrograde in the last week of July you are more inclined to reflect alone rather than engage with others. Be careful not to dwell on what you have or have not accomplished. Evaluate your progress with intention to move forward to make necessary changes whenever the time is right. Venus will encourage you to come out of your shell. Show yourself some affection this cancer season, don’t worry about perfection.


July highlights your career and ambitions dear Libra. The moon in Taurus connects with Pluto and Mars opening a new period for you. Ask yourself how you are building your dream life with the people you care about most. Friends and family will be a major theme this month. With endings come transformation bringing new opportunities your way. As Saturn moves through your chart remind yourself of your long-term goals; are you actively reaching towards them?


Manifest abundance this July dear Scorpio! Finances are not the only source of abundance for you this summer. Be strategic where you spend your energy; who deserves your intense thoughts and ideas? With Mars, the co-ruler of your sign, in Aries for most of the month you may find yourself overwhelmed with situations that bring you tension. Surround yourself with those who make you feel at ease. Bring peace into your life and it shall flow freely if you allow it to. Be cautious with your speech, speak the truth always, especially to yourself.


Love is in the air this month dear Sagittarius. When it comes to love remember that you can’t give from an empty cup. Think about all the ways in which you can become intimate with yourself. Use this as a mirror for what you look for in relationships with others. You may feel overcome with emotions that you have not expressed regarding love, lean into the feelings. Start a gratitude journal and address your worthiness to love and to be loved during this sensitive season.


Welcome change with open arms this July. Complacency and contentment are two very different things. What do you wish to bring into your life? Your nature to strive for perfection is admirable but may lead you to a life of complacency with what is. Pay close attention on how you can live everyday being content. With the moon in fellow Earth sign Taurus bring yourself closer to nature as it will inspire strength and creativity within you. Take care of yourself this month, work matters can wait.


Beware water bearer, emotions are on their way. Not to fear, the work that you have been putting in this year will pay off. Saturn, the co-ruler of your sign, has create a sense of discipline in your life for the past 2 years. Tap into that hard work and encourage yourself to take time to process what you feel. Journal your thoughts throughout this time of intense and sensitive feelings. Although it may be uncomfortable it is very overdue. Friends and family Don’t allow yourself to feed into the misconception that Aquarians are less emotional than other signs. Find a way to express yourself that makes you feel safe and comfortable.


Mars in Aries may make you possessive this month dear Pisces, be careful not to latch on to what is not for you. As a fellow water sign to Cancer this period can be overwhelming in ways you express love or attachment. Remind yourself to take a step back from the overindulgence that come with Venus. People will be drawn to you and your compassionate nature but remember to take time for yourself. Connect to the parts of you that you shy away from sharing with others, it will only strengthen your relationships. Communication will be a powerful tool for you to use to navigate the stormy waters of cancer season, be brave with your words.


Channel sensitivity into your life dear Aries. July brings adventure and responsibility surrounding home and family. Saturn moves into Leo which lights up areas of creativity and family. Prepare to dive deep into learning about yourself and your potential but beware of burn out. Hard work and discipline will be rewarded in the long term; ensure to take time each day to show some love to yourself. Changes are rampant and your assertiveness will be at an all time high, remember your needs before you tend to others.


Give yourself more patience in your live, you deserve to slow down. Adjusting your life so it fits your needs should be a top priority for you dear Taurus. With the moon in your sign powerful information and personal insight is coming your way but how can you listen if you’re always moving towards the next things? Reflect on areas relating to home and family; how can you bring yourself closer to those whom you love? With Venus, your ruler, in Leo you have all the means to express your gratitude and appreciation for those who bring grounding qualities into your life.


Take advantage of your communication this month dear Gemini. With mercury as you ruler this is the perfect opportunity to make yourself heard. Most of all give yourself permission to say no. air signs tend to subscribe to grandiose ideas of reality, committing to things that are out of their reach. Making realistic plans can be difficult; find new ways to create balance in your life. Be honest with yourself this July. Instead, focus on investing your energy into creative works and relationships that are mutually beneficial.