Zuhra Hilal’s Art Celebrates Our Varied Bodies

September 20, 2018

With my project OBJECTIFICATION MEETS BODY, I wanted to discuss the objectification of breasts. Strictly speaking, it is not the breasts that are objectified, but the woman’s body through the breasts, or the fact that she has breasts. The size and shape of breasts become a synonym for womanhood, attractiveness and, ultimately, worth. This perception is harmful … Read More

Badaam’s Priyanka Kaul on Eco-Fashion and Bringing the Sari Back to Brunch

May 17, 2018

Saris, suits, and more, Australian clothing brand Badaam is a gift. Matisse-influences, creamy raw silk, and beautifully muted tones, Badaam came to me, as so much does nowadays, like a daydream through the Instagram algorithm. I don’t know what search keywords yielded up this deliciously soft brand so it populated my feed, but I appreciate … Read More

The Kajal Gift Guide 2017, Support Brown Women

December 11, 2017

Back by popular demand, our Kajal Gift Guide is here to save you from going empty-handed to your office gift exchange! We’re so excited to share with you some of our favorite artists and goods from this year. Everything listed below is designed, made, and sold by South Asian women around the world. It’s a … Read More

Brown Skin Girl, This One’s For You

December 8, 2017

These words run across your heart. When Alvina Bokhari was growing up, especially in high school, when the misery of many determines the next few years or decades, she felt like an outcast. “If you saw my high school pictures, you could see I was like screaming. I wasn’t in an environment where I felt … Read More

Madame Gandhi Partners with Femme-Powered Fashion Brand NBNW for India Tour

December 7, 2017

Madame Gandhi’s collaboration with NorBlack NorWhite reclaims freedom and power. Next week, Kajal will exclusively release Gandhi’s photoshoot featuring NBNW’s new pieces. If you look at Kiran Gandhi’s, stage name: Madame Gandhi, LinkedIn page, you will see that she has several degrees and many talents. And none of her qualities exist in vain. She is … Read More

Zuhra Hilal Is Using Fashion to Challenge Our Perceptions

October 27, 2017

The woman’s face is invisible, but see her long, angled limbs spread to the sides. She stands elegantly on tiptoes like a dancer frozen in the middle of a maneuver. Her most prominent feature, though, is her crotch, adorned with a bright red, jewel encrusted inverted heart, out of which long, thick threads spill like … Read More

Ze Rebelle is a Galactic Queen From A Universe We Want to Fly To

September 6, 2017

Sex, love, and electronic music–Ze Rebelle is here. Ze Rebelle is an electro-pop artist from Kuala Lumpur who throws mainstream notions of passive femininity out the window. She has collaborated with artists like Blaqstarr and Mos Def. She is played by DJs like Laidback Luke and Eddie Halliwell. And she has multiple viral videos, like her … Read More

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