Harakaat Apparel is Upgrading Streetwear with Old World Traditions

September 4, 2017

Truck art, but make it fashion. Shah Rukh Khan with a bowlcut and eyes aflame. A single red rose framed by lurid filigree and even more flowers. So many miniscule details you go cross-eyed tracing. Pakistani truck art is a form unto itself–not easily replicated outside of the country and heavily layered in so many … Read More

September Horoscopes: The Fabric of Life

September 1, 2017

Fall meets us in full saturation. This month, Virgo will be standing in opposition to Neptunian Pisces in three configurations: Venus, Mercury, and Mars. Neptune’s pursuits are temperamental and passionate. We are in the age of Pisces; Virgo is her complement and spouse sign. Virgo challenges us, after August’s bending eclipse, to stabilize ourselves in … Read More

Vogue India’s 10th Anniversary Cover features Kendall Jenner

May 4, 2017

Vogue India decided to put Kendall Jenner on the cover of their last issue and people are NOT having it. For many, it would have been more valuable to see actual Indians on the cover — especially Indians that aren’t represented by mainstream media like Vogue. Wasn't the point of #vogueindia to celebrate brown fashion and not slap … Read More

Unfolding The Saree With Studio Kohl

October 27, 2016

This ain’t your mama’s saree. The sari is a fixture — a humble or extravagant six to nine yards of fabric, tied with mathematically precise pleats and in such a way to hide and expose simultaneously. It is draped on everyone from world leaders to laborers. The sari is a constant in South Asia. “Unfolding the Saree,” a new … Read More

Ashish’s ‘Bollywood Bloodbath’ Rocked The Runway At London Fashion Week

September 21, 2016

He invoked the gods, crossed gender barriers, and made political points at every turn. Yesterday, a solemn sitarist in a white kurta sat at the end of designer Ashish Gupta’s runway and as he tuned his instrument, audiences knew this would be no ordinary fashion show. The sitarist wore sunglasses — not to shield him from the house … Read More

Sikh Streetwear Brands Are Defining A Culture And Creating A Safe Space

August 15, 2016

Rootsgear, Wootz and Committee Members are giving young Sikhs a voice and style in a hostile country. Tanmit Singh and his brother immigrated from Kuwait to America in 2000. Just as they were getting their bearings in this strange new country, a plane crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City. Any aspirations they had … Read More

Bangle Banger: State of the Union aDress

December 14, 2014

  As an artist I experiment with the mediums in which I express myself, but clothing has always been my favorite — how something so utilitarian could be a live-in, forever malleable, touch-and-feel kind of medium. I think the first question I get when I describe clothes as such is “why didn’t you become a designer?” And to … Read More

Inauguration: Bangle Banger for President

The creator of Bangle Banger, Anjana Raj, paired up with us this issue to present Inauguration: Bangle Banger for President, a fashion feature that created the not-so-fantastical fantasy of a Desi woman president. Bangle Banger, the blog that has taken over Desi Tumblr and put ‘Reclaim the Bindi’ on everyone’s lips, is Anjana’s baby. In … Read More

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