December Horoscopes: Sun in Sagittarius Surges

December 3, 2018

Welcome to December, and happy Solar Return to our Sagittarius readers! Winter is here in the northern hemisphere, and the Sun is shooting an arrow of intention across the sky for us to follow through Sagittarius season and into the new year. While Sagittarius energy greets us with a similar intensity to Scorpio, there are … Read More

November Horoscopes: Jupiter Blessings and Retrograde Rotations

November 6, 2018

Welcome to November, and happy Solar Return to our Scorpio readers! The ever intense and energetically charged Scorpio season is upon us. The veil is thin, and the cosmos are busy as always. All around the globe flora and fauna are evolving with the cycles of nature; reminding us that death and rebirth is never … Read More

October Horoscopes: Goddxss Retrograde Season

October 2, 2018

Hello and welcome to Libra season, lovelies! So far, 2018 has been an extraordinary year of retrogrades, trines, and eclipses. This month is no different, as Venus begins to retrograde across the skies around the 4th of October. While talk of the dismay and delay caused when Mercury is retrograde has become popularized even outside … Read More

September Horoscopes​: Earth Trines & Moon Manifesting

September 6, 2018

Hello, and welcome to September! I’d like to start by wishing Virgos and Libras a very happy Solar return! I am so excited about the all of the positivity and power in this universe this month, so let’s dig in: We have a​ New Moon​ occurring around the 9th of September in Virgo. It’s in … Read More

August Horoscopes: ​Lions, Lovers, & Surprises

August 1, 2018

Hello, and happy Leo Season! There are ​three​ major astrological events I’d like to bring our attention to this month. The first one is on the ​7th of August​, when U​ranus enters retrograde, ​joining Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Neptune ​and​ Pluto. Uranus is the planet of surprises! This Uranus retrograde brings us face to face with … Read More

July Horoscopes:​ Entering Eclipse Season

July 6, 2018

Hello and welcome! My name is Marissa (Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Gemini Rising). I’m a half Pakistani, half Mexican queer artist living and growing in London. My pronouns are she/her. It is an honor to join Kajal Magazine as the new Horoscope writer in this astrological moment of rebirth and renewal! Once a month I’ll … Read More

June Horoscopes: A Shift in Social Consciousness

June 1, 2018

These month’s horoscopes are paired with exclusive art by Dhiyanah Hassan. Soak them in and find growth, shedding, and transformation for your summer. Aries Isabel Allende said, “Show up, show up, show up, and after a while, the muse shows up, too.” This is what your soul is contracted to do in this incarnation, Aries. … Read More

May Horoscopes: The Four Elements

May 3, 2018

What do our astrological elements mean? Just because you’re a water sign doesn’t mean you love the ocean or cry a lot. There are plenty of Cancerians who are terrified of deep sea dives, Scorpions who find sea creatures pretty ugly, and Pisceans who are emotionally lacking. Spring is a good time to look at … Read More

April Horoscopes: Spring Shapes

April 1, 2018

Trust what shows itself. Where do you catch your omens? Do you believe in synchronicity? Studying astrology is one of the deepest ways one can honor the ways our energies are connected. Spring brings in dappling light: we start to see things differently. It’s a great time to pay attention. Aries Look for signs in … Read More

March Horoscopes: Our Animal Histories

March 1, 2018

As we transition to spring, the world becomes more lively. Take heed from astrological animal guides. Aries Dolphins are more empathically evolved than humans. The cortex of their brains are more developed in that way, more lit up. They show more compassion and so it’s no wonder that they are more creatively gifted as well. … Read More

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