Rapper Horsepowar Hosts New Food Show Exploring Curries of the World

October 8, 2018

“From Japan to Jamaica to the Philippines, every culture has its own take on a dish I grew up eating with my Punjabi family,” rapper Jasleen Powar, a.k.a. Horsepowar, says over a montage of New York City scenes. “We’re here, we’re hungry, and we’re eating our way through the five boroughs.” The web series, which … Read More

Premiere: Qais Essar’s “The Culmination of a Sorrowful Life” Is a New Classic

August 10, 2018

Produced by Afghan-American filmmaker Ali Baluch, Qais Essar’s newest video brings a simple visual approach to a complex song. Unlike Essar and Baluch’s last, more experimental collaboration, “REVOLUTION: Part I ANTHEM,” the video pieces together straightforward shots of Essar playing the rabab in two different settings. According to Essar, the simple concept of the video … Read More


August 7, 2018

It is HOT and it is HUMID and we have another BRWN HIVE episode to cool you off. We’ve got a fresh new episode from BRWN HIVE with over a dozen dope tracks to keep the summer vibe going. Check out this months episode on iTunes on Spreaker. Listen to “BRWN HIVE Episode 4” on … Read More

The Inimitable Freedom of Nadia Nair

August 3, 2018

Swedish artist, Nadia Nair resists classification. Her work strives for something indescribable, bending genres and melding influences from soul, rock, and classical Indian traditions. The result is stunning. Music that grabs at your heartstrings, pulling them along with the emotional cadences of the songwriter’s honeyed voice. When we heard she was previewing her next album … Read More

Playlist: Baila Summer

July 11, 2018

Baila music is a staple of Sri Lankan culture. The genre originated as a blend of two Sri Lankan communities: the kaffir population – descendents of enslaved African brought to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese – and the Portuguese-descended Burghers. Baila is characterized by its distinct beat, taken from colonial influences, mixed with traditional Sinhalese … Read More


July 9, 2018

Keep the summer going with a new mix from BRWN HIVE + Dilipa A new month, a new radio hour! Kajal is back with our third episode of BRWN HIVE. Check out this months episode on iTunes on Spreaker. Listen to “BRWN HIVE Episode 3 w/ Guest Mix from Dilipa” on Spreaker. We’ve got a … Read More

Raw Silk Weaves Indian Classical and Electronic Ethereal

July 2, 2018

Raw Silk will pull you out of your head and into the moment. Raw Silk released their self-titled first album June 1st, bringing together cello, sitar, and vocals to create their own layered sound. Turning traditional music on its head, the Baltimore-based duo blends elements of Indian classical music and experimental electronics to create a … Read More

Revisiting Doctors and Engineers’ Music in Troubling Times

June 25, 2018

*From a Good Family, the debut album of Doctors and Engineers, coincided with the 2016 election. As we find ourselves in a troubling regime, it’s a good time to revisit their music. Kajal talked to D&E band member Jayson Joseph about why their work remains salient. The first thing I noticed about LA-based psychedelic garage punk band Doctors … Read More

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