Sink Into LA.MIMI’s Sound Bath in “M.BRYO” EP

October 12, 2022

LA.MIMI’s music demands you listen with headphones. The non-binary Pakistani-based artist’s tracks are roving sound baths with careful, eerie lyrics. The details in the sound spin around and above your head as you listen, ready to disappear into the ether of an empty room. With their debut EP M.BRYO, LA.MIMI is committing memory to song. … Read More

Blue Mena’s “Knocked Out” Reclaims Trans Power

October 7, 2022

Following close on the heels of their first solo music project Ushamami, music producer and multimedia artist Mena Sachdev returns this fall as Blue Mena. With the September release of their music video for debut single “Knocked Out,” Blue Mena exudes continuity and growth from Ushamami, as they construct a distinct alternative pop-rock sound to center queer … Read More

Poem: the slaughterer’s dream

bismillah the eyes stand before him as he knives deep into the throat of the bakra an act of adoration in another world he might have licked the knife never looking in the eyes of those killed he said he wasn’t hungry hours before the deed was complete he meant that in a dream the … Read More

Playlist: Sad Girl Season

September 28, 2022

It’s a quiet day, and rain pours incessantly outdoors. You’re awake and alone, accompanied only by the humdrum of your own breathing. You made yourself a chai, but it quickly lost its warmth while you weren’t looking. You’re feeling blue, but can’t quite discern why. Or perhaps you’re keenly aware, but can’t seem to see … Read More

Poem: Hide and Seek

September 19, 2022

Birmingham, England – July 2021: My cousins and I ran Around the house Picking hiding spots. Why are you hiding? My grandfather asked Who are you hiding from? It’s a game We laughed as I Stuffed myself inside the bathroom Lights off, crouched behind the door. He nodded You can’t hide from God He nodded … Read More

Prianca RA Celebrates Liberation with “One Time in Lebanon”

September 14, 2022

“One Time in Lebanon,” the third single from British-Indian singer and songwriter Prianca RA, is unusual for placing agency where it rightly belongs – in the hands of protagonist Habiba, who carves and expresses her own life story. In a world that all too often relegates women to unnamed and obscure character roles, the song … Read More

One Piece by Sharmistha Ray, The Night is Dark and Full of Rainbows

August 15, 2022

The Night is Dark and Full of Rainbows, by contemporary artist Sharmistha Ray, is a seductive image: A marigold crescent rests at the bottom of an indigo square. The square is inside a vertical rectangle and framed by a diagonal rainbow, such as one thrown by a prism. Rays of color seep through the blue … Read More

Artist Yullola has short black hair and is wearing a brown dress. They stand against a sunset sky.

“Priestess” by YULLOLA Deconstructs Reality

August 4, 2022

Priestess, a debut album from Karachi-based artist YULLOLA, breaks free from earthly realities and transports us into a new transcendental domain. Set in a galactic black hole, the album shows the artist assuming the identity of an extraterrestrial priestess and carving her own dystopian musical niche. For YULLOLA, this critical distance from humankind is not … Read More

Pain is Strength in Prateek Kuhad’s “Favorite Peeps”

June 28, 2022

Off his latest studio album The Way That Lovers Do, Prateek Kuhad’s new single “Favorite Peeps” explores the feeling of pain and the accompanying desire for human connection. The song’s graceful swung melody overlays a simple guitar rhythm, and is decorated with synthesized pitch bends, melismatic vocal stretches, and shrill bell tones. The music video … Read More

Shine Robbins’ EP “softworld” is a Trip Into the Unknown

June 24, 2022

With his debut EP softworld out last month, electronic music artist and producer Shine Robbins gives us music that is futuristic and genre-defying. From the convergence of classical and modern in “Blue” to graphic evocations of the living world in “Nest,” the eight tracks comprising softworld conjure a multitude of sonic and emotional worlds. Robbins … Read More

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