Vivek Shraya’s Trisha Project Is A Confrontation Of Identity

June 6, 2016

During her transition, artist, performer and writer Vivek Shraya began recreating photos of her mother. In images that look like modern retellings, echoes and updates of her mother’s origins, Shraya shares the way her mother has lent to and helped determine her identity. The title of the project, Trisha, is echoed in the last line … Read More

Baljit Singh’s “Paraya Dhan” Exposes Dowries Through Art

April 12, 2016

Artist and photography Baljit Singh’s new photo series, “Paraya Dhan” is a direct commentary on dowries. In her photographs she has layered typical dowry items over the new brides, obscuring them from view so where you might see a nervous, shining face you just see dollar bills. Her imagery is simple and yet evocative — the cartoonish … Read More

The Motherland, Video Diary

March 16, 2016

In February, Sania Noreen Ahmed traveled to Pakistan and documented her trip, the sights and sounds. Set to the haunting “Allah Hoo” by Sain Zahoor, the Motherland is a collection of seconds. Watch her video below.

Pooja Prabha’s Walking Humans Series

March 15, 2016

Pooja Prabha doesn’t know when she began collecting shots of people walking around Kerala but one day she realized she had piles of photographs showing men, women, and children strolling around in the Indian sun. “I have a thing for capturing people especially capturing walking people candidly,” she says in a caption for the series on … Read More

Why Are Most Media Outlets Misreporting On #UnFairAndLovely?

March 12, 2016

The coverage for the new social media campaign #UnFairAndLovely has been fast and amazing–-from posting pictures of dark South Asian women in places that they previously had been missing, the reporting has been powerful. And yet, most major sites, like USAToday, and BuzzFeed are choosing to highlight just the South Asian origin of the movement, … Read More

Photo Essay: Durga Pooja

December 7, 2015

Durga, one face of the goddess and mother of preservation and annihilation, is a force of power. Pure power. Astride a tiger and brandishing a trident in one of her many arms, she unleashes retribution with grace. Photographer Abhineet Dey captured images from the Durga pooja held in Karbi Anglong, Assam, India. She casts shadows deeper … Read More

Photo Essay: Udaan/Flight

November 12, 2015

Our grandparents are the bridges that connect us to our homeland. And in the literal sense of the title, they migrate like birds from Punjab to the diaspora every six months. “Udaan” showcases grandparents from the Greater Toronto Area that find ways to connect to their motherland, while unlearning the more traditional beliefs they were … Read More

The Living Museum of Rad Brown Dads

August 7, 2015

Rad Brown Dads is a minimalist website that looks more like a museum exhibit than a blog. Under each sepia stained photo of an ethnic man distinctly not smiling is its classification, something like: “After my parents got married my father always wore a suit every time he was photographed with my mother. It almost … Read More

Humans of New York Is In Pakistan

August 5, 2015

The internet sensation Humans of New York, also affectionately shortened to HONY, is currently traveling through Pakistan and documenting the people and stories they meet. Here are some of our favorites so far: “One beautiful thing about advocating for the poor is that feminist ideals are advanced naturally. In order to fight eviction from their homes, … Read More

Samira Mahfuz, Photographer Feature

April 3, 2015

Samira Mahfuz is a young South Asian photographer from Canada by way of Bangladesh. Her work comes from the grittier, darker places in her mind and environment and she mainly utilizes black and white photography. She used to focus her photography on architecture but of late South Asian aesthetics and tradition have been proliferating through … Read More

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