Poem: Nila Nila, Odi Va

February 20, 2024

நிலா நிலா ஓடிவா Nila Nila, Odi Va Moon Moon, come running. Exhaustion has no chance gnawing its body through rental doors. Amma belongs draped in sun that billows out a welcome mat, feeds a family of buds that speak only for her. In wild waves they all want but perfect the gift to give her … Read More

Two Poems from “Dialect of Distant Harbors”

October 18, 2022

These poems by Dipika Mukherjee are excerpted from her new collection, Dialect of Distant Harbors, out now by CavanKerry Press. The artwork here accompanies the poem “Wanderlust Ghazal” and is illustrated by artist Gladys Simpson.

Poem: the slaughterer’s dream

October 7, 2022

bismillah the eyes stand before him as he knives deep into the throat of the bakra an act of adoration in another world he might have licked the knife never looking in the eyes of those killed he said he wasn’t hungry hours before the deed was complete he meant that in a dream the … Read More

Poem: Hide and Seek

September 19, 2022

Birmingham, England – July 2021: My cousins and I ran Around the house Picking hiding spots. Why are you hiding? My grandfather asked Who are you hiding from? It’s a game We laughed as I Stuffed myself inside the bathroom Lights off, crouched behind the door. He nodded You can’t hide from God He nodded … Read More

Ifti Nasim’s “Myrmecophile” Twenty Years Later

March 30, 2022

From simply looking at the cover photo of Myrmecophile, Ifti Nasim makes it clear that he is not here to hide any part of himself. The first image we have of him is a playful, subversive snapshot where he is decked out in full drag, donning a blonde wig, costume jewelry, pearls, and bangles. He … Read More

Poem: Untitled

December 7, 2021

With my broken Urdu, I read Faiz/ Bloodstreams of Persian & Urdu ghazals run through your streets/ But Ghalib’s metaphors appear on my wounds/ And Iqbal’s verses purify my sins/ Mir’s wahshat is how I make sense of God/ I decipher each and every script/ I read blood/ I wear it like skin.

Poem: Time Change

October 13, 2021

At 10 pm my mom got the call her eldest brother died. At 4 am she FaceTimed his face. At 6 am his smoke swirled clockwise into the smoke of strangers. 10 pm here is 7:30 am the next day there. 10 pm there is half past noon the same day here. At 10 pm … Read More

Ayesha Raees Explores Displacement Through Hybrid Art Forms

April 12, 2021

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, hybrid-artist Ayesha Raees spent her childhood moving frequently. As displacement became a facet of her identity, it also started showing up as a common theme in her creative work. In many poems, such as in “SI Unit,” she describes her impartial existence being displaced from childhood to womanhood: “I spent much … Read More

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