July Horoscopes: Gothic Short Poems

July 1, 2017

We see light because we know darkness. On July 9th, the Capricorn full moon signifies strong beginnings and endings. Many of us will feel ready to let go of people and pursuits that no longer serve us and take authority in the things that do. Capricorn symbolizes self-preservation, public image,  and intense emotions. He also … Read More

Tara Anand and Anoushka Agrawal’s Shade Cards Talk About Colorism Through Poetry

April 25, 2017

Last week, artist Tara Anand began posting curious illustrations to her Instagram: girls of varying brownness smiling as their eyes were shielded by Pantone color cards. Shade Card, an art series illustrated by Anand and captioned with poetry by Anoushka Agrawal, set out to explore colorism in the South Asian community. Tan, 478C. Wheatish, 7644C. These women … Read More

i am harmless on the 1 train i am harmless

May 12, 2016

i walked down to the turnstile and saw two women standing properly their heels behind the yellow paint. they looked like they had never been here before. i smiled and said hello and they chose to do the opposite and so i looked forward and turn my smile back to a resting and empty face. they wore long black coats with … Read More

listen man

April 27, 2016

  all these white women get to bore me. i have nothing to say and when i do i am a live museum exhibit that they like to grab at. how do i tell them to not look or touch. how do i tell them that i am in many senses trying to punch out … Read More

Feminist Aunties

February 19, 2016

Where did you find feminism? From whom did you find feminism? My project in Living a Feminist Life was to tell my feminist story: the story of how I became a feminist; what I have learned from being a feminist. To tell a story can be to find things out; what comes up along the … Read More


July 6, 2015

  he is too old to raise his voice now. these days he won’t even look in the mirror, afraid of a withering reflection. the father spends most of his days in creaking chairs, the head of the table, an old desk chipping at the corners. what else can his old body do but sit or … Read More


June 5, 2015

the English language does not make sense to you but you like this word, for it means what it says. crestfallen. waves rise precipitously, tremble under the weight of their own ambition. like the heads of wheat stalks scrounging for their pride as the spring wind assaults them, a warning to yield before the monsoon … Read More

DarkMatter at Stanford, an exclusive interview

May 22, 2015

Last Friday, DarkMatter, trans South Asian spoken word duo, performed at Stanford, where both Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramaniam obtained their undergraduate educations. They have been active in raising consciousness about issues related to race, queerness, trans identities and violence in (and by) the United States, especially those issues pertaining to the South Asian diaspora. … Read More

A Sestina on Teacups, Marathons, and Overdone Cultural Clashes

May 15, 2015

The Breakfast Club resolved to meet every Sunday morning. During their allotted time and in their allotted space they would discuss the news: Troubling dreams, sabzi recipes, fashion, and what their children Weren’t doing with their lives. Tapping their teacups With the soft part of the spoon, clicking their tongues, And nodding concernedly, they would … Read More


May 8, 2015

in madrasah they taught us Allah has one hundred names, asmaa’ al-husna allah ar-rahman ar-rahim al-malik al-quddus ramadhan: dadima keeps the TV on the Islamic channel “khabees, idhar aao” calls me over to watch the du’a with her 10 minutes before iftar, she smells like adhrak and tulsi the day-long sweat of kitchen-labor, masterchef of … Read More

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