Welcome to December, and happy Solar Return to our Sagittarius readers!

Winter is here in the northern hemisphere, and the Sun is shooting an arrow of intention across the sky for us to follow through Sagittarius season and into the new year.

While Sagittarius energy greets us with a similar intensity to Scorpio, there are key differences to consider: Sag gives us adventurous fire sign fuel, which keeps us charged and moving, yet communicates a constant undertone of reflection and meditation. This mutable sign ask us to see the bigger picture. To look forward on our individual journeys, and up at the cosmos equally. This notion is especially potent since we welcomed the Sun into Sagittarius during a Mercury Retrograde period.

Folx are chasing after the new movements and feelings they want to bring into the new year. Goals are being set, and lists accounted for. The Sun in Sagittarius is also causing “flight” urges to win over “fight” ones, which is enhanced even further by beginning the month with Mars in dreamy Pisces.

On 6th of December we breathe a sigh of relief as Mercury goes direct in Scorpio – but be weary. Mercury won’t fully clear its shadow phase until the 24th of the month. This means that the lessons and clarity to be gained from this retrograde cycle are still playing out. Exercise caution and reserve as you embark on the new beginnings born of mercury retrograde energy.

The next day on December 7th we have a beautiful New Moon in Sagittarius to look forward to. Its cleansing energy makes for an excellent time to plan new endeavors for matters of the 9th house; learning, travel, and wisdom. If you’re one for planning New Year’s resolutions – now is the time to get on it! Sort out an adventure with your friends even if it feels far off, or apply for that course you’ve been mulling over the past few months.

Finally, we have the last full moon of the year occurring on the 22nd of December in her home sign of Cancer. This moon brings with it lots of intensity, as it occurs at 0 degrees of Cancer standing directly across the sky in strong opposition to the Sun in 0 degrees of Capricorn.

The nature of this standoff between the Moon and Sun is one of friction in our relationships, mirroring the reality of how this season can manifest for people living on the margins. For those of us with difficult relationships to families, our bodies, the state, religion, finances, and community, December can be a time of great discomfort. A time when we’re reminded of how much we care about the people we love, and how much we miss what we’ve lost.

When emotions centering these contentions within ourselves surfaces on the full moon, it’s important to put special care into listening to our bodies. Give yourself mental and physical space from stressful situations when possible. Really listen to what your intuition is asking for, and try your best to give it what it needs.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this November.

**A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs, and read those predictions as well. Seeking one’s self based solely on a Sun Sign reading can be inaccurate. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one built on all planetary positions when you were born.**

All art by Nandini Moitra

Patience is key this month, Sagittarius! The December skies are granting you lots of momentum as the new moon on the 7th feeds your creative vision. It pushes you to take action on the changes you’ve been evaluating in matters of your inner voice and daily routines. You’re ready to shoot your arrow in the direction of the New Year, and manifest new beginnings.

What’s important to remember is that with this amazing forward-facing energy comes the responsibility of managing impulsivity. Neptune’s cloudy gaze in Pisces is blurring your vision slightly, so in order to fully harness your potential in whatever direction you’re going, be sure to take the extra step of looking at the bigger picture. Don’t hesitate to sort out the details of your plans before pushing forward with an idea.

Your hard work is paying off, Capricorn. The beginning of December is calling you to see friends and folx from your past in fun, social settings not only as a karmic reward, but to reflect on the amazing things you accomplished this year by speaking with others. Allow yourself to receive compliments, and let friends to hold a mirror up to you and say “Yes! You really did that!”

Mark your calendar for December 21st when Mercury in Sagittarius connects with your ruling planet Jupiter to deliver you a fresh boost of confidence and positive outlook into the new year. While this might be the shortest day of the year, what it lacks in length it’ll surely make up for in sweetness!

You’re ready to embrace your community this month, Aquarius. Sagittarius energy might navigate itself very differently from your airy, quirky nature, however the parallels between the two keep you open and inspired this month.

On December 20th just before the Sun will finishes off its transit through Sagittarius, it will connect with your ruling planet Uranus rewarding you with news regarding your career and reputation! Stay open and social during this time even if Neptune’s energy is encouraging you to retreat into the comfort of solitude and/or spaces where you can be in your own thoughts. Interactions with your peers and comrades this December are set to be filled with exciting, nourishing opportunities.

This December begins with some bumps in the road for you, Pisces. Mercury and Venus in fellow water sign Scorpio are stirring the seas of your mind. While Sagittarius season greets you with flexible, mutable energy (similar to yours) it can all just feel a bit overwhelming at times! The pace of life this time of year doesn’t seem to give much space for your wandering thoughts to unfold.

Use the link up between Mars and your ruling planet Neptune on the 7th of this month to sow seeds of new ideas you have for the coming year. Not only does this work well in conjunction with the creative energies that will be afoot, it’s a great time to set intentions with the Sagittarius new moon happening around the same time. Also – don’t be afraid to let your romantic nature get the best of you during the emotional (to say the least) full moon lunation in Cancer on the 22nd!

This December looks like the final holding period for an exciting new phase of your life, Aries. While the intense water sign energies occurring at the beginning of the month in Venus, Mercury, Mars and Neptune might make you feel lost in deep speculation about the future, December 12th will bring a shift. Here, Mercury enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, giving fuel to your journey forward. During this time, clarity and routine will return to both your day to day activities, taking off stresses that have been making your thoughts a bit scattered (especially after that intense Mercury Retrograde!).

On December 31st your ruling planet Mars enters your sign after a somewhat restrained transit through Pisces. This will make your transition into 2019 harmonious in both your actions and ideas, giving you the inner confidence necessary to really take 2019 by the horns!

Venus in Scorpio is shining a light on your sensuality this month, Taurus. As your ruling planet moves through Scorpio at the same time that Mercury retrogrades through Scorpio, sexual energies are strong and intense. This will ease up a bit when Mercury goes direct around the 6th of December, however these thoughts and feelings won’t fully clear on your journey into the new year!

Try to embrace Neptune’s dreamy influence as this planet ask you question about what you want out of life and love. How committed are you to making space for passion in your life? Where are you finding it, and who is there by your side? When Saturn meets up with Venus on the 16th you might find yourself faced with making some big decisions, but Capricorn’s fellow earth sign energy should help you listen to your intuition when deciding on the route you’ll take.

Relationships are at the front of your mind this month, Gemini. As Mercury, your ruling planet, retrogrades through Scorpio, intensity and deep communication seem to bubble to the surface. Luckily, when Mercury goes direct on the 6th of December, the skies give you a great opportunity to clear the air of anything serious that came up during the retrograde. The new moon encourages this healing as well with adventurous Sagittarian mutability and optimism.

Save any hard lines or decision making for the middle of the month around the 16th when Saturn meets up with Venus. The energies at this time will have an air of seriousness about them, which will allow you to be in a rational headspace and fully consider how your choices will affect you.

The full moon is returning to your sign for the 3rd time this year, Cancer! This cycle on the 22nd (just one day after the solstice) finds you connecting with how you navigate emotions in your relationships. While you’re used to the tides of your mind pushing and pulling you intuitively through life, the full moon wants you to focus more on how your emotions operate autonomously from others. It pushes you to consider why and when you compromise your feelings, and if the techniques you’re using to do so are worth bringing into the new year.

Let December be a time of shedding for you. If you find yourself resisting the lessons Saturn in Capricorn has for you at the end of the month, remember that not every opportunity we’re presented with is learned gently!

You’re having a lot of fun this month, Leo. The sun, your ruling planet, is blessing you with adventurous Sagittarian activities that you really appreciate. Socialization, love, and sex are all on the agenda, but when the Sun squares Mars in Pisces on December 2nd be sure to flex your nurturing muscles and cultivate empathy for others when you can. Not everyone is as blissed out as you on the astrological energies influencing them this time of year, and it’s possible that a conflict might surface between a close friend or partner who you can’t help but feel is killing your vibe!

While there’s a lot of momentum in this skies this month, there’s also chances for you to blow over important details or relationships. Use the new moon in Sagittarius on the 7th of the month to set an intention regarding the expressions of gratitude you show others, and don’t be afraid to open yourself up to the flexible energies of Neptune and Mars in Pisces for guidance with this.

Mercury retrograde might start your month at a slow pace, Virgo, but overall December is looking packed full of fresh energy for you to carry into the new year. When Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 12th, the skies light up your mind and communication skills with innovative new ideas and perspectives. Your guard is down more than usual, and it is equally possible that these influences could arrive through pure karmic energy or Sagittarian-style socialization with others.

When the light of the full moon in Cancer graces us on the 22nd, try to keep a keen eye out for conflicts within your friendships, relationship(s), and community as a whole. As I said before, the influence of Saturn on this lunation is intense, and it’s in a part of your sky that might involve some uncomfortable revelations regarding who truly loves you, how they demonstrate it, and most importantly for what reasons.

A financial part of your sky is being illuminated this month, Libra. With this also comes a clear focus on value and worth in your life – specifically the worth you place on yourself. Self care is crucial at this time as Venus, your ruling planet, leaves its shadow phase and wraps up the larger Venus retrograde season on the 17th of December. This transition will cause a beautiful shift in your energy towards new, exciting endeavors focused on the lessons you learned during October.

During this transition it’s important to take stock of your relationship to material objects and spending habits this month. Now is the time to organize your possessions and make lists, because when Neptune and Mars’s Piscean love affair happens in the middle of the month, distractions will easily occur!

The end of 2018 is looking bright for you, Scorpio. When Venus finally clears its retrograde shadow in your sign around the 17th of December, you’ll be presented with clean slate to start cultivating your intentions. This energy will be pushing you to find deeper love, new relationships, as well as spend some time appreciating your physical appearance!

Watch out for drama brewing around the full moon in Cancer on the 22nd. This fellow water sign’s influence will be weepy and grandiose, so fueling the fire of whatever is going on could result in unneeded life complications carrying over into the new year. Be sure to take careful consideration with what you contribute to conversations/disputes with your social groups and families around this time. Tensions will be high even if it’s clear that what you bring to the table is rooted in good intentions.