Artist Diaspoura, aka Anjali Naik, premiered the music video for her song “Glisten” on Nylon today. The video is a gorgeous trek through the wildlands of South Carolina, showing tenderness and biting edge in equal measure.

“[Liberals on the sidelines] can see our tears and our sweat and how we gloss ourselves up and move forward again—it’s free for a follow, and it’s even tracked and sold back to us,” Naik told Nylon.

“This was my realization when I wrote and produced ‘Glisten.’ And for the video, my friends and I — a crew of entirely femme, trans, and non-binary people of color, on- and off-screen — rally up and move on with or without them. Buy a ticket or get left behind.””Naik has no time for the people who don’t support Black, brown, queer, and trans people.

“You don’t care about me, just say the reason/hit me up in a year when you need it/I see you back up to the door like you’re leaving/you can see yourself out and I mean it” she sings on “Glisten.”

“Glisten” is a single off Naik’s new EP Traumaporn which releases today. The video was directed by Naik, co-directed and filmed by Jasdeep Kang, art directed by Ayqa Khan and Isha Walia, and styled by Sonia P.