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The amount of forced chill is amazing yet unsurprising.

The video “Phurr” is a job well orchestrated by Team Shah Rukh Khan and Diplo, two of the wealthiest men in the entertainment business, hardly short of admirers.

But somehow, Anuskha Sharma throwing her hips at SRK while he cooly looks on at a sports match on the TV behind her isn’t turning me on. My salt and pepper dreams look way more reciprocal and complex than that.

Diplo wears his usual debonair air, smirking in a champagne-colored achkan. SRK looks pretty good in his Mad Decent jacket; it’s all very cool and all very unoriginal.

The music video features clips from “Jab Harry Met Sejal,” an obvious play on “When Harry Met Sally.” We see Khan flashing his subclavian chest tattoo at Sharma and imitating a break dancer showcasing his abs. Sharma’s character thinks it’s hot or something because she giggles and reveals a couple inches of her latissimus dorsi as she demurely lifts her shirt in imitation.

The whole thing is probably pleasing for anyone who is too lazy to think critically about how media is served to its viewers. And I’m at a point where that’s not good enough anymore. Even from this EDM-cum-Bollywood offering.

In “Sua Cara,” Diplo is briefly seen sitting in the midst of beautiful dancers but at least it’s a femme-focused show à la Anitta and Pabllo Vittar. It’s not an impossible ask.

SRK and Diplo think they’re the shit and it shows in how unoriginal this video is. Alas, look to men to learn how to strike a gaze instead of how to live under one.

Watch the music video below: