Disco Auntie

Disco Auntie is a bimonthly Brooklyn dance party that takes place at Mad Tropical (236 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237) in Bushwick. It’s run by co-organizers Jasdeep Kang, Melika Dave, and Nadya Agrawal.

Photo by Andrea Cecilia Granera

With a rotating set list of DJs, Disco Auntie platforms the music of the South Asian diaspora, including all its overlapping cultures and influences. This nightlife space is part of an archiving project that documents the party life of the diaspora and is an extension of Kajal’s mission to platform creatives in the community. The event belongs to a tradition that extends far back in time and across continents, forward to pioneering parties like Basement Bhangra, and to contemporary events like Papi Juice, Hungama, Discostan, Bubble T, and Discwoman.

We’ve moved online temporarily during the pandemic.


Disco Auntie Sessions 9/20, Day Mixes – featuring mixes by Jakari Wing, Melika, Ziggee Gold, and cry$scross.