I’m working from home now. Outside there’s a pandemic on and I have few reasons to leave my desk. Time feels like something that belonged to the people who lived before. Now the days run together. Night bleeds into morning which languishes into the afternoon. The death of the sun, the rise of the moon, it all feels like it’s happening simultaneously. The usual markers of my day are gone. And I, forever, remain at my desk.

disco auntie · Disco Auntie Sessions: Morning Mix by Jakari Wing

Without a truth-speaking clock, music tracks the changes in my day. We do not have 60 minutes in an hour, we have moods now. Vibes. Emotional rhythm keeping time. I start at 7 AM, restless, frantic, keen. By 8, I am resigned.

disco auntie · Disco Auntie Sessions: Noon Mix By Melika

At 3 PM I am starving, boisterous, ready to be done, spinning like a top across the wooden floors of my apartment. 7 PM, the light has changed outside. Twilight is a thing blinking on and off. The sky looks like the Trix yogurt I used to dig into when I was a kid – creamy blues, pinks, oranges – cotton candy colors. I feel lucky to witness it.

disco auntie · Disco Auntie Sessions: Evening Mix By Ziggee Gold

When midnight comes, it’s a coin toss, silver in the moonlight. I’m not sure if I’m awake, writing, working, or if I’m asleep, or, as usual, if I’m in bed and staring at my ceiling, watching light from the sporadic traffic outside move across the blank white surface. I forget what I was thinking about before I fall asleep.

disco auntie · Disco Auntie Sessions: Midnight Mix By cry$cross

When we decided to move online, becoming digital DJ-ing denizens, we thought of our days and what they had become – mud in our hands, unformed, yes, but also instinctual, indulgent, full of whatever moved us rather than what moved us along. We decided on a collection of mixes, still true to the Disco Aunty we envisioned months ago, but to follow the listener throughout their own restless, calm, exhilarating, staid days.

Please listen to our music. Listen in order. At the right times. Or not. Dip in and dip out. And, if you enjoy them, consider donating to one of the organizations we’ve included below. This is a gift from us to you. Think about gifting it on.

The Okra Project – The Okra Project is a collective that seeks to address the global crisis of violence by providing resources and meals to Black Trans people worldwide.

MSF Yemen – Doctors Without Borders, providing medical care in Yemen during humanitarian crisis

Navajo & Hopi Covid-19 Relief – Volunteer grassroots Indigenous-led group, prioritizing elders and struggling families in Navajo and Hopi communities