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On July 21st, President Obama held his first White House Eid reception, inviting Muslim Americans to celebrate the festival with him. He spent much of the event commending various contributions to American society made by Muslim Americans.

For many Muslims, it was one of the first times they were recognized and celebrated, as a community, by the United States government. Many were excited about the fact that the Qur’an was being recited at the White House.

Others were excited about Obama’s remarks, which underlined the significance of Muslims in the United States.

However, some outlined the contention many Muslims felt with Obama’s welcoming attitude and his actual policies that affect Muslims worldwide, underlining the disconnect but also the gratitude for being celebrated by the American government in a time when politicians are gaining public support by using anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Many Muslims, however, saw this as a promise by the American government to work towards securing and protecting Muslim civil rights.