“Everything’s Fine in Chinatown” is an observation of everyday lives and culture of Chinatowns throughout the U.S.A. I had the opportunity to work all over the country and I was always very interested in how different ethnic groups settled down in America without losing their cultural identity. Although I photographed many other ethnic groups like Mexicans, Indians, Japanese, and Hmongs, I was always very intrigued by the Chinese.

The Chinese community, particularly those living and working in Chinatowns around this country, hold on to their cultural identity like no other ethnic group. Regardless of what goes in the world, there never seems to be any politics in Chinatown. It’s always business as usual.

There’s a blend of old, new, and hints of the future in Chinatown. It’s a mashup of everything you want in one place: restaurants, art galleries, temples, churches, schools, etc.

My goal with these photographs is to not only capture life as it exists today but also document the changes that are brewing in the background.