Tuesday, August 14

February Horoscopes: Creativity, Comfort, and Tiny Tantrums

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Last year we washed and dried our dirty laundry. Now we’re just lying in it.

The month of January was weird and rough. There’s not so much a clearing this month as there is a wave of creativity, and a powerful quieting. With the Sun transitioning from Aquarius to Pisces, where Venus and Mercury will also be hanging, there’s a rhythm and flow to this month. Something about it feels nice. Even for the ones who might not always be acting so nice (looking at you, Scorpio and Capricorn).

Art by Ayqa Khan


Aries, your love for others will be noted this month. It’s hard for you to hide how you feel about people. Any advice you give will be received with the same energy you give it in, and your orbit feels warm right now. You’re emitting this constant, stable buzz that’s keeping you anchored and enveloping others. By the time it gets to them, it’s softened, and that’s just how you’re going to roll the month before your season starts.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Taurus, Venus in Pisces is igniting your romanticism and creativity. You may be feeling friendly, artistic, and perceptive. There’s a greater sensitivity available for you this month and it’s looking pretty beautiful. There’s always this core introspection in you, and while that won’t go away (ever), you’re going to feel energized, almost moisturized, by the people you choose to contact or spend time with. It’s also a good time to tell bad jokes because Venus is making you look very good regardless.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You are taking a new kind of charge over your life. With Venus AND Mercury in Pisces, you might feel your aesthetics changing a bit. You’re finding yourself looking like a bohemian character out of a film reel. Your life even might feel like a film reel. And your jokes will be very well timed and very funny. You just know what tickles people– even where they are ticklish. This is a fun and expressive month.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You’re over hiding how you really feel, huh? You just want people to know that you love them. But it might too much for them to realize. Can they even imagine what it takes to live in an intertidal zone, where partners and friends come and go, the waves hit the hardest, and you have to constantly rearrange everything? It’s also where the jewelry of the ocean grows. Maybe you will put some in a goblet and hand it to your loved ones.

Art by Ayqa Khan


It’s a comfy month. You’re kicking back a lot. You worked very hard last year and you’re practicing surrender more this year. Leo’s are actually experts at surrender, and others can stand to learn from that. It’s like, why sweat the small stuff? That’s your motto this month. You’re doing important, generous work. This is energizing you as much as filling up your care cup is at the end of your days. Manifesting involves surrender. Enjoy this knowledge you have.

Art by Ayqa Khan


There’s a lot of placements in your complementary sign, Pisces, this month. Sun, Mercury, and Venus. It’s affecting your eyes, which are mostly water, nerves, and goo. Your nerves might be charged at times, but your eyes will tell the true story. That will be your saving grace. Your body might feel tired some days, but your eyes will seldom be. You may be absorbing the energy around you. It’s important to withdraw and recharge. Balance out a bit– you may connect with a twin flame.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Your creativity is leading you towards big gains. This might be in the form of career or personal growth goals. There’s a zipping forward this month towards something you’ve always wanted but might have felt you were previously stumbling towards. There’s not as much stumbling this year, Libra. There’s a smoothing out. Last year, you were washing all your dirty laundry and airing it out. This year, you’re taking it to the ironing board.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Sometimes, you’re not as sneaky as you’d like to be. Sorry to break it to you, Scorpio, but this is a month you might not be able to get away with much. It can be nerve-wracking to be seen. Trust that what others may see of you, they receive it with love and acceptance. And maybe some amusement. But they will spare you the chuckle. You may be cranky about lots of little things. Have your tantrums, but don’t trample over flowers.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You’re riding the gnarly creativity wave. You’re focusing on something, whether it’s a project you put down a while ago or a new endeavor you’re just picking up. January was 2018’s trial month and there’s a settling in now. What do you need to succeed? You may even have the resources, but how might you better use them? You know the answers already because the committee in your brain has been talking. They might finally take a side this month. No hard rulings, though.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You’re also having those tiny tantrums Scorpio is grappling with. Well, is it really a grappling? They’re more like little sparks, fireworks in a cozy crowd. You never were one to make peace for the sake of peace, and especially for the idle spirit of comfortability. You’re this month’s torch bearer, the flame in the din. Someone has to do the job. Keep speaking your truths. Others are listening. They may be busy, but they are listening.

Art by Ayqa Khan


With the sun in your sign until the 19th, and Venus and Mercury in Pisces, humanitarianism is exalted right now. Your putting your best skills to use. You may find yourself in a position of counsel to many people. Some Aquarians may also pick up a new passion project that has to do with artistry or community service. There’s a spur of innovation right now. When the sun transitions to Pisces later in the month, there’s a kick-drum energy that pushes an important wheel forward.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You’re a lucky sign this month, Pisces. There’s a powerful triad in your sign in the last week of February: Sun, Mercury, Venus. It’s abundance o’ clock. Are you ready to receive it? Can you put away the extracurricular dramas? There’s not much you have to do around this time. Until then, make space. Clean out the clutter. Choose not to suffer. Choose to receive, but keep your eyes open and your seat rooted. Abundance can come with picketers.


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