Oslo-based girl band FLTY BRGR GRL debuted their first single “Be My Boy” last week. The song captures the feeling of crushing on someone a little too hard, playing with the line between sweet and creepy vibes.

“I just really like that gray area between being really charming and having a cute crush on someone, and when it gets stalkerish,” founding member Beatrix told Kajal.

This tension between something wonderful and something just slightly off, something that tastes just past the expiration date, is core to FLTY BRGR GRL as a band. The band was born of a solo trip to Los Angeles, during which Beatrix tried her first In-N-Out “Animal style” burger, which left her both satisfied and disgusted.

“I had this really weird feeling, like I felt dirty and ashamed but also good, and that’s when I came up with the phrase ‘filthy burger girl’, and I knew that had to be the name of my band,” Beatrix said.

Her trip to Los Angeles not only inspired the band name, but also the beachy, playful sounds that make up the track. The result is a song that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a fun anthem to crushes that are less about a specific person and more an excuse to imagine, to sing out loud, to have a picnic. Watch this dynamic play out in the “Be My Boy” music video, directed by Roza Taslimi.

Header image by Johnny Vaet Nordskog