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For menstruating people, our underwear has become a battleground were massive companies wage war over our health insurance, which cotton insertables we buy, and what language we can use. And yet, cheesily enough, we’re the ones spilling blood.

Add in cultural baggage, mental and physical exhaustion, and an entire cis male population who can’t walk down a feminine products aisle without blushing and you get a giant, laughable mess.

Girliyapa, an all-female comedy YouTube channel that continuously lambasts Western feminism, released a video, entitled ‘The Period Song,’ which delves into so much of the frustration menstruating people have around bleeding.

The video itself is saturated with ridiculous imagery, like the single maxi pad that sops up and entire puddle of nondescript blue liquid, and puns, proving that the only think you can do, at this point, is laugh at what a ridiculous situation we all are in.