In her new EP Baby, Doha-based DJ and producer GoodMostlyBad (aka GMB aka Gurmehar Bedi) takes listeners on an intimate auditory journey through her experience of navigating the aftermath of an abusive relationship. The EP alternates between soft, bedroom beats and vocals that perceptively capture her intermingled experiences of heartache, self-discovery, pain, and healing.

A self-taught musician, Bedi has always moved through the world on her own terms. In Baby, she dually manages to show her skill as a musician and her ability to be vulnerable through her art. The first track, “It’s Getting Hot in Here,” starts with gentle synths and beats that lull listeners into a dreamy soundscape. The EP picks up with the title track, “Baby,” in which Bedi directly addresses the person responsible for the “worst heartache and betrayal” she has ever experienced. She sings: “Baby, won’t you stop, quit breaking my heart, I don’t fucking love you no more, no more. // Baby I was crying on the floor. Baby, I was waiting for your call. Baby, shit got hard, you broke my heart, Baby, I don’t fucking love you no more, no more.”

The raw pain and anger in the title track shifts to reflection and wistful acceptance in “Rum-Ish.” The track’s upbeat sound reflects a transition in Bedi’s processing as she sings: “I will spare you the chance to tell you how I feel / Grass is greener on the other side / Do you think about me twice? / Do you think about me twice?// On the other side, I will think about you twice. I will think about you twice.”

Having primarily developed this EP during lockdown, Bedi told Kajal, “I was forced to confront a lot of my unresolved feelings and these songs are an expression of those emotions.”

“I Have Better Sex All Alone,” a track in which the beats are as playful as its title, finds Bedi at the other end of her survival journey–a shift to her finding self-love, independence, and freedom. GMB ends the EP with “Aunty,” a track that manifests the “absolute emancipation of heart and soul” that processing her painful experiences through this EP has given her. She sings: “Shit I’m in the zone / Yeah, I do it on my own / Making talented money / Call me aunty, call me moms.”

While pain and heartache inspired the EP, GoodMostlyBad’s Baby is ultimately about healing.

Baby is available now on all streaming platforms.