“Why does the Devil need an advocate? He’s the Devil!”

Hari Kondabolu is part of the new dynasty of internet comedians.

But where other internet-fueled, politically caustic comedians like Aamer Rahman are chaotic good, using every second to bring vital information to light, Hari is more of a neutral good, poking us with the truth but layering it expertly under ridiculous observations.

His special brand humor skirts the line of satire, sometimes veering off into ranting. It’s earned him thousands upon thousands of views on YouTube and something of a cult following among millennial social media denizens. His “feminist dick joke” from a Comedy Central special has been making rounds on Tumblr since 2012 when it came out.

Mainstream American Comic is his second album. Since its debut last Friday it has already found its way to the top of the comedy rankings on iTunes. Truly proving, finally, that Hari has seamlessly moved from the canceled Totally Biased and internet fame into something more tangible and mainstream.

The album itself delves into the “American” bit of “Mainstream American Comic.” Hari talks about how Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is the Indian President of the United States. He explains his viral #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite campaign, that drew a non-explicit response from Jindal’s team. There are jokes about the election, President Obama, white people, patriarchy, and the idiocy of #AllLivesMatter.

He also has plenty of cum jokes. Something for everyone.

The album is excellent. Or fire emoji, as the kids say. As always, Hari offers a scathing review of the American landscape while making you laugh literally out loud. Buy it on iTunes and revel in the jokes about white people and “nocturnal emissions.”