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The creator of Bangle Banger, Anjana Raj, paired up with us this issue to present Inauguration: Bangle Banger for President, a fashion feature that created the not-so-fantastical fantasy of a Desi woman president.

Bangle Banger, the blog that has taken over Desi Tumblr and put ‘Reclaim the Bindi’ on everyone’s lips, is Anjana’s baby. In it she meshes Western with traditionally South Asian clothing to create mashup fashion, truly representative of all our diasporic experience.

When Anjana and I first started talking about TKC’s first issue and its cover, immediately the idea of representation came to mind. I knew I wanted something definitive and striking that would lift readers out of their seats.

In one of our conversations, I said in passing that brown girls are inherently political. Everything we do, all the decisions we make and things we say come from a long line of tradition. But even in doing or saying those things we’re going against so many expectations that others put on us. To be a brown woman, we agreed, is to be diplomatic yet aggressive.

And so ‘Bangle Banger for President’ was born. Part fantasy and all fabulous, BB embodies what it means to be presidential.

Bangle Banger, aka Anjana, is inaugurating our first issue.

Read her State of the Union aDress.

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