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Today in white fragility: 12-year old winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Ananya Vinay, proves her intellectual prowess and a grown, white woman can’t let her have her god damned moment.

That girl will now remember the slight for the rest of her life.

Is why.
People of color.
Are angry.

Of course, all of the decent people on the internet didn’t miss a beat.

And as we can expect, this same news anchor, Alisyn Camerota, will probably go on to express her liberal, white tears over the Trump presidency and read some lines about “social justice” on the prompting monitor. She probably checked herself into the Standing Rock Reservation on Facebook when that was a thing, and posts quotes like, “Let’s not fight hate with hate.” She probably loves getting “curry” (whatever the hell that is) with her friends on the weekends, and says equally deplorable things while she eats food that she is both satiated and threatened by. Camerota probably tells all her Indian friends how beautiful and colorful their culture is.


We shouldn’t be offended because hey, she just made a joke, OK? The least I can do in this article is gaslight an entire population before she can get to it, on behalf of her half-assed morality. Apologies are dead. We are in a Trump presidency. On the CNN website, though, the clip is conveniently cut before Camerota commits her epic error of pettiness. That’s all the acknowledgment we are gonna get, folks.

Back to our spelling queen, though. I bet Vinay can find a 20-letter synonym for “white fragility,” spelled and pronounced correctly. Boom.