Jai Wolf’s Music Video “Indian Summer” Featuring Assad Keval Will Make You Swoon

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Lead with wonder.

चाँद पे…   chand pe…
चाँद पे…   chand pe…
चाँद पे…   chand pe…
चाँद पे…   chand pe…

चाँद पे ले गए…   chand pe le gaye…
चाँद पे ले गए…   chand pe le gaye… 
चाँद पे ले गए यार मेरे…   chand pe le gaye yaar mere

These are the lyrics to Jai Wolf’s “Indian Summer.” The new video for the song released this week and features babely brown boy Assad Keval traversing through various pristine landscapes.

Chand pe chimes like cues. The sun softly veils Keval’s bike as it speeds across a coastline. Chand pe. The bike speeds up. Chand pe. He walks across a clean, serrated tide washing over flat sand.

As the chorus begins, he cranes his chin as the sun breaks through a forest canopy; the light showers his face, shining on his glasses (so babely). He keeps going–over fluted sand dunes, to a stronger, splashing tide where he meets his friends, and then to a waterfall lagoon where their clothes are drying on a line. On a kayak ride, on a hitch hike, into a forest again to pitch a tent and light a fire.

The song peaks and he stands on the highest point of a mountain, yelling as loud as he can over the valley.

As he settles into his adventure, the viewer witnesses the bonds he’s created. His eyelashes look really good on his perfect face–framed with his perfect hair–when his love interest leans her head on his shoulder. Le sigh.

Here is something to watch over and over again for the storyline, the scenery, the music, and the star.


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