Hello and welcome!

My name is Marissa (Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Gemini Rising). I’m a half Pakistani, half Mexican queer artist living and growing in London. My pronouns are she/her.

It is an honor to join Kajal Magazine as the new Horoscope writer in this astrological moment of rebirth and renewal! Once a month I’ll be bringing you my considerations and thoughts surrounding Horoscopes, giving special attention to each of the 12 signs.

This July, our focus lies with the lunar eclipse.

We begin the month with the Sun in watery, weepy Cancer. Their delicate energy washes over us in a strong wave of renewal with the New Moon (12th July), allowing us to check in with ourselves and start fresh where we feel called to. We’re also adjusting to a strong Mars retrograde (which began on 26th June), as it pull up feelings we thought we’d left behind. This New Moon “reset” graces us just in time to prepare for two major movements later in the month – Mercury Retrograde ​and​ a Lunar Eclipse!

Mercury fully goes into Retrograde on the 26rd, and the next day, on 27th July, we experience a full lunar eclipse. As if this isn’t enough cosmic influence to consider the eclipse is in ​Aquarius.​ Lunar eclipse energy when harnessing the power of Aquarius is potent and galvanizing. Aquarius is the water bearer; they connect us with the depths of our identity, with careful consideration for visions of global equality. They’re a sign of action, group momentum, and quirky futurity. If there was ever a time to embrace what causes you to take a stance while reflecting on the unique perspective you bring to this world, it’s now. Allow this eclipse to give space to fixate on yourself in order to grasp what you’d like to offer others. With the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius, introspection and attention to the self is easily within reach.

A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs, and read those predictions as well. Seeking one’s self based solely on a Sun Sign reading can be inaccurate. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one, built on a​ll planetary positions when you were born.


People admire your ability to be measured, yet forthcoming. You lead the zodiac with exuberant, irreplaceable vitality. When you set your sights on something you want, there is few and far between that can stop you from reaching it.

This month, tensions might sit close to the surface for you, Aries. Mars, your ruling planet, will be in retrograde for all of July. Use this time to truly consider where you vest your energy, especially when it comes to the home and your chosen/ascribed families.


What do you need, Taurus? It’s never been the same as your peers, and it’s time to remember why you embrace that. You’re the steadfast bull – a fixed sign, enduring with a sense of ease that others can only aspire to.

Remember that those who define the “unconventional” are proprietors of hegemony, and this month is not a time to pay any mind to them. Allow yourself to be amongst the flora and fauna. Place yourself in spaces which enable you to embrace a pure form of introspection.


When the airy energies of Gemini and Aquarius combine, they birth a vein of creativity and communication that is unrivaled. As each day of July brings us closer to the Aquarius lunar eclipse on the 27th, your cunning nature expands and grows.

It’s time to write down that idea you’ve been deeming too ludicrous for this reality. Push the boundary of that partnership you’ve been wanting to deepen. Give space for spontaneity, and trust your ability to talk through whatever circumstances arise.


The skies are swirling with powerful movements this July. It’s easy to get lost in the swell of action as the world moves quickly around you.

While it might feel safest to sit on the sidelines, there’s always the option to embark on a solo adventure. So don’t just take solace in yourself, Cancer. Reclaim ​your​ time – and yes, this is me telling you to take yourself out to dinner.


Every eclipse brings unexpected occurrences. While it’s not uncommon that your charisma brings you to the center of attention, Leo, my question is – will you be ready?

This eclipse occurs while the Sun in your fervid sign. The smoldering core of your being will stir and bubble with excitement, but whether or not you bring up those thoughts and feelings you swore you left behind, is up to you. July might also be a good time to pay a visit to your favorite body of water.


You’re drawn to intimacy this eclipse season, Virgo. Love seems to envelop your thoughts, and poke holes in your concentration. This might strike you as an unusual change in pace, as you’ve been solidly focused on your career ambitions for the past few months.

While your loved ones might struggle through this emotionally charged time, you move through this month’s stormy astrological weather with ease. What can you offer to your friends in need? It might be time to save someone from a spiral!


Upholding equilibrium can be tiring, no? Your steady scales bare a burden of empathy and selflessness, Libra. This eclipse season, make sure to speak your truth. Be forthcoming with communicating what you need. Happily give into the limits of your body.

Remember that your hustle does not go unseen, and neither does the magnetic energy you project. This July will also grace you with a major movement towards the fulfilment you seek in your career.


You’re a burst of light this eclipse season, Scorpio. Mars is one of your ruling planets, and as it retrogrades across the skies this July, so does your unmistakeable intensity. It rears and roars, surfacing a suppressed need to escape.

The lunar eclipse will bring surprises, and an impromptu holiday may appear on your agenda. If you find yourself too preoccupied with commitments to take this on, remember that it’s okay to place trust in others. You’re not always going to be around to help everyone with your decided intelligence!


Your keen ability to channel extroverted energy into various ongoing projects might be tested this season. Eclipses are rocky for everyone, but no one endures with such optimism as you, Sag. Take the occurrences of the next month in stride, and when it all feels like too much, retreat into your love of learning.

Who have you been meaning to text back? Have you let yourself​ really​ hone in on hashing out your goals? Think about this little things this July; the logistics we often leave behind.


This eclipse season may bring you to a place of internal conflict about what drives you and what pushes you to do better. Being the industrious, internal soul that you are, Capricorn, this probably doesn’t sound like anything new. But reconciling with hard truths is never easy, and self criticality can stifle ambition.

Remember to say what you’re thinking. Let yourself flow, and don’t hold yourself to a standard of perfection.


Water bearer! Mars may be bringing up conflict within your intimate personal relationships, and the lunar eclipse in your sign isn’t exactly providing a smooth terrain for you to tread. In the wake of ominous and potentially chaotic energies this month, its time to loosen the reins.

Try not to confine your life to its usual routines. Give space for the unique patterns of your thoughts to mould a new path – perhaps a new future? This is a time of change! Allow the eclipse to change you, and trust that the universe will bring you to where you need to be.


The depths of your psyche seem endless when you live in a continual state of nostalgia, Pisces. The skies are affirming your intuition this eclipse season, reminding you to let your gentle mind dwell where ever you feel emphasis should be placed.

Having inhibitions about the coming lunar eclipse will prove unhelpful. Embrace its unpredictability. Allow this month to be a space for incubation on the long term goals you have in mind.