These month’s horoscopes are paired with exclusive art by Dhiyanah Hassan. Soak them in and find growth, shedding, and transformation for your summer.


Isabel Allende said, “Show up, show up, show up, and after a while, the muse shows up, too.” This is what your soul is contracted to do in this incarnation, Aries. Show up amidst the fear. Show up amidst scarcity. Show up when you are hopelessly lost, but ask for help. Cultivate the bravery needed to receive assistance and love. You can practice this by defiantly nestling onto public benches while onlookers admire your ability to sit on a throne. You might also practice receiving compliments, ones that are disguised through insults and comparisons, and that you can respond to in wise ways. These are all ways of showing up.


Anoint yourself with your favorite textures. Is it the weight of incense? A flower caught in the fiber of your clothes? Your tongue shaving the salt off a seed? Confer your holiness this month with accidental rituals, Taurus. You’ll find them everywhere. After all, veins look like lighting bolts, roots are like arteries, and clouds are like dreams. Your soul’s ability to capture all of this in a single moment is poetic. You have a way of holding on to your spiritual consciousness amidst the havoc of the external world, and this will keep you grounded and prosperous during the summer. You might find yourself teaching others how to find their core consciousness as well.


Gemini represents relationship to the self and others. Among Leo and Scorpio, it is also one of the most sexual signs. This sign is about joining and union. It is your season, Gemini, and you are tying threads everywhere. People are caught in your cat’s cradle. You’re teaching others about communication and movement, lifting the fixed energy of Taurus and offering expansion and experimentation. Your social awareness is developing and while you might feel some growing pains, they are making you stronger and more resilient. Your perception of your deepest relationships are changing. You’re in the thick of it but it feels like a dance.


Release the emotional burdens and non-truths of others, Cancer. You are a receptacle for emotions. And while you have a gift for empathy, do not own pain that is not yours. You’re finding yourself cradling the emotionality of others, whether that’s the spirit that went into a handmade object or a voice on the phone. You might have a hard shell, but it is imprinted with lots of etchings. You kind of like being this way because it is artistic and soulful, but take care of your shoulders and back this month because you might find you’re carrying other people’s baggage. You can be a little shy, so carve out a little time for yourself and your animal needs.


Leo wants to procreate. Leo is about the product of unions and collaborations. What kind of things can you bring together this month, Leo? Leo’s in the arts may find themselves experimenting with multi-disciplinary genres and mediums to make something dreamy and original. Others might find themselves as matchmakers or sudden florists, putting together beautiful people and things. Your emotions are also activated because of the summer sun, and you will allow them to unfold without fear or self-condemnation. You are surely set to charm the socks off anyone you encounter, and that is a way of union in itself.


Find your vulnerability this month and unleash it. It should look messy and passionate. It will excite and empower you. It will draw in powerful people and help you realize your own. All the tools you need to bring forth your magic are already within you. If they are not drawn out, they might destroy you. Call them forth this month, Virgo. What do you want? If you’re looking for that spot in the symphony orchestra, it’s time to pick up the instrument. It’s a time to realize your star power and bask in the light of your glamorous company. You deserve all of the abundance you are about to find. Don’t try to tame it.


Libra, take a look at your boundaries in any sense of that word. What kind of boundaries make a home? What kind of boundaries constitute a first impression? How do those boundaries change into a friendship, and how fast should that happen? You are a cardinal sign so it might be easy for you to leap into change, but the subtleties of relationship are never lost on you. If you feel an attraction to someone or something, chances are that attraction will still be there later. Chemistry is awfully hard to control. In love, there is some dancing and wrestling, and while this can test or fortify any relationship, you have the ability to evolve for the better in the midst of it.


You’re riding that chemistry wave off Libra. In your sign, it’s hitting you pretty hard. You’re usually a master of getting a grip on yourself, but that can unravel just as easily, and oftentimes in public. That’s okay. How do you honor that in a loving way? Enjoy the unraveling, the electric buzz of a stolen glance or holding a psychic memory between you and a paramour. You might be feeling like a hot spring in the deep sea. Emotions are energy in motion. That’s all they are. Summertime moments may take you for a spin, but you will be looking and feeling great once you move through them. Shed your light then dance in it.


You might be a fire sign, but this summer you are like a waterhole. You’re a social magnet because of your cooling properties. People are coming to chill, reflect, and gain strength and sustenance. You have a way of mirroring humankind’s collective consciousness to others; you’re like a chameleon. In you, every one will find a part of themselves this summer. It feels nourishing and energizing, but popularity raises stakes for self-care. Nobody knows your needs more than you do. Stay true to those by writing them down and matching some actionable processes to them. Reunite yourself with your consciousness. Do it daily; every minute, if that helps.


What constitutes work and how does perception affect your body? These are some things to think about as you shift around your life a bit, Capricorn. Soften a bit this summer and practice release. Release the perceptions that burden you. Is it really work to respond to a month old text? What if it was a practice of cultivating joy and accountability? How much more relaxed would you feel? How much abundance will you see? Sagittarius received similar advice: movement is a pairing of creativity and action. So, play around with your unconscious wiring a bit. You may be surprised what false beliefs you have been operating on.


Aquarius, like Pisces, participates in love and belonging in an impartial way. This is a unique quality housed in the last two signs. You are not stingy with your humor, flirtations, or insights. You see the humanness in everyone and rarely hold it against them. Aquarians hardly participate in blackmail. By moving through the world in this way, you have already taught others that love does not exhaust. You have a way of nurturing a sense of belonging for others. You are the one who brings stray animals in and chats up the new kid at school. This summer, you will find your communities are becoming centers of compassion because of these qualities you have been offering.


Like Sagittarius, you are reuniting with your consciousness. Check in often. How are you showing up in the face of others? How are you allowing and blocking joy? What are you hiding and is that okay? Morals aren’t typically assessed very resolutely in this sign, and that may play to your strengths. It allows you to become an actor of sorts, and this is a form of self-protection. It doubles as social deception, and this is precisely what makes you Scorpio’s greatest rival in interpersonal war-games. But don’t lose yourself in all the extroversion. Go back to solitude, your dream state, and your animal needs so you can remember who you are.