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Creativity and kisses for all.

Summer is when the fog lifts, the water mist sits, the ground gets warm, and the heat moves the air. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 9th and the new moon in Cancer on the 23rd ushers in adventure and intuition. These energies will meet and diffuse. We will collectively be bare-footed and free-spirited in some way. The stretch of time between these two moon cycles will be like a big, energizing breath. Come the full moon, we will be celebrating our chaos or clearing it. Optimism and an appreciation for our in-betweenness will bring all signs closer together. Many of us will take on new creative endeavors and receive tangible support along the way. This is not a month for jealousy or judgment. The hardest retrogrades are over. Welcome to the second half of the year.

As the heat turns up outside of us, so too does it inside of us. Know what I mean? Sina Queyras wrote, “How glisten the leaf tremble.” I’ll offer you this: How beat the heart inflate. How ampule the lips electric. How flicker the eyes thrill. You get the point. Each sign has a song you can make out or do it to.


Uranus is in your sign the whole month. You can trust your wildest ideas and pursuits. Neptune retrograde on June 16th will amplify your unfolding creativity and provide tangible results before the month is over. For you, June brings luck and industry. Your propensity to create without hesitation might make you feel like you are playing more than working. Enjoy that feeling. You may feel like you’re shedding an old skin and glowing hot, scorching the air around you. You are a fire sign, Aries. Heat suspends, expands, and moves air. This how your body and mind will move and flex, too.

Make out to this song: “Pony” by Ginuwine. This is that all-purpose-freak-song that will never leave our hearts (or elsewhere). There must be an Aries out there who assigned it as a ringtone for their prom date.


Ever the romantic you are, Taurus. Your stamina is everlasting in love and war. Reflect on your storybook memories, because the sky is writing serendipity and wants more moments for you. Venus, your ruling planet, is in your sign all month long. It is likely you may find love and harmony in your relationships. Venus in Taurus is touring the sky into other signs, so you may also form new friendships and paramours so long as you stay social. This doesn’t mean you have to prowl at bars, but you may consider going on outdoor walks because you are about to look very attractive to many people.

Do it to this song: “Drive (Part 1)” by Ben Khan. This song says more through sound than it does words. It’s something for your body.


Everyone kind of feels like you right now, Gemini. It is your season — many of us are chatty, playful, and mercurial. These are your known traits but there’s a subtle musculature within you that often gets overlooked. You are fair, perceptive, adaptable and multi-resourced. You will likely grow with any project you take on right now. Carry on light-footed. But be mindful of the pursuits you chase in the beginning of the month because you may become them. If you pick your projects wisely, the light of your achievements will spill out for others to enjoy and you will still have some to bask in yourself.

Do it to this song: “Magnets (SG Lewis Remix)” by Lorde. Relationships are about mirroring, testing, pushing, and pulling. You get that. You know what Lorde’s trying to say: I know you know so let’s go.


You are reaching an emotional zenith, Cancer. You are starting the month with a deep-rooted trust in your psychic abilities. You can look at a portrait and immediately identify someone’s quirks and nuances— maybe catch their secrets. And you are comfortable in this knowledge. Nervous energy from previous months is dissipating as you welcome big changes. The changes will demand accountability and responsibility from you, both of which you are no stranger to. But it will come securely and smoothly. This particular way of being will benefit your health for months to come. By that time, you will be a new person. But we will talk about it then.

Make out to this song: “Yeah I Said It” by Rihanna. Riri knows who she is and what she wants. Like you.


I know I’ve been pushing you to your working limits, Leo. Now it’s time to cut yourself a break and lay like a cat in the sun. Chase all the pools of light you can see and warm your feet, face, back, and hands in them. June is your mid-year baptism. Use light for cleansing and rebirth; it will boost your Vitamin D levels, too. I think you have felt very adult-ish in the past few months. Now is your time to get to a comfortable crawl. Anyone who sees you will treat you like an adorable baby.

Do it to this song: “It’s All About Me” by Mya featuring Dru Hill. You heard what she said, Leo. That stage outfit, though!


Hey Virgo, what’s that line forming behind you? All the people you’ve been “accidentally” seducing all year. They are happy to be on beckon and call. There are about to be a lot of well-used drawers in your drawers. But you know suitors, they can internalize the slightest of slights. A cheeky one might get into one of the drawers and rearrange everything to fluff you. This month, you are equipped to take it in stride. There are human sparklers all around you, Virgo. You are the vast sky; you are your actions’ own witness and have lots of toys.

Do it to this song: “Feel Like Makin’ Love” by D’Angelo. In “The ‘L’ Word,” this song was used for a strip tease scene taking place between two long-term lovers. Try it out that way.


Take your summer in portions, Libra. Lay in cool pools of shade and later turn your face up towards the sun. You will likely pick up connections anywhere you go or lounge. You are especially connected to nature this month, so don’t forget about animal friendships and conversations with your succulents. Your energy will be like the flexing, fluid days. Extended and warm, then cool and breezy. Duality can only exist because of transition, that in-betweenness I mentioned earlier. You’re that tiny, tight space that holds two sides of a coin together, keeping the water from drowning the land and the land from eating the water.

Make out (or do it) to this song: “Latch (Acoustic Version)” by Sam Smith. This version is delicate and deep like a Libra’s love.


Your love time is here. It’s been here. Time to act on it, Scorpio. You’ll likely feel that kind of pull. Spring is transitioning to Summer, after all. In between seasons is when our “stuff” wells up. That may just mean allergies but for a Scorpio it also means action. If you’re attached, try out some new tricks. If you’re casually dating, amp up the action. If you’re single, find a consenting conquest. If you’re some combination of the above, find a way to get freaky. You can try out your new tricks on yourself. Sex can be power. And that power can influence the way you show up in other spaces.

Do it to this song: “Sex You” by Bando Jonez. This song is prodding, boastful, and inviting all at the same time. I bet you’ve seduced someone that way.


Your optimism brings a nourishing energy this month, Sagittarius. You are like a rotating lawn sprinkler all the kids wanna jump in. You are the flourishing lemonade stand and the sudsy car wash done by hand. You are bringing us so many joys this summer. You’re also feeling extra sexy and beating Scorpio in the flirtation arena. Hopefully our Scorps don’t scroll this far to figure that out. Anyone you want will likely be yours; your warmth has wide prowess this month. Summer is a bohemian stomping ground, and you are here to live and let live.

Make out to this song: “How Many Licks” by Lil’ Kim featuring Sisqo. You got the king of boastful, getting-busy-songs.


One time, a Capricorn I had befriended asked me what kind of music I liked. I said, “Songs about sex.” Without missing a beat, she replied, “Me too. Do you like Miguel?” Keep this quality about you, Capricorn. You can handle yourself as well as you can handle others. You can meet intensity with calm. You can receive and cope with truth. You are the tenth sign which makes you highly evolved; don’t forget this. That is what grants you freedom to show up in your relationships just as you are, to be the human steel-sifter that you are.

Make out to this song: “One Minute Man” by Missy Elliott featuring Ludacris and Trina. This song is all about stamina and demanding nothing but the best. It’s made for you.


Your flirtations are like a brush fire this month. You can enchant almost anyone with your quirks and wacky interests — even people who are attached and unsuspecting. That’s not your fault you speak in poems. It pulls love in. In your personal life, boundaries may feel pleasantly diffuse right now. You are likely feeling playful and cheeky, Aquarius. This can sometimes be taken too sharply by others but it’s no biggie at the moment. Try not to over-analyze any sticky situations you get into. Rather, trust your inner knowing of what is a real problem and what is not.

Make out to this song: “Everyday” by Ariana Grande. Celebrate your weird with someone who gets it. Love is free and love is equal. A bouquet made of balloons will please you more than one made of flowers.


The retrograde of your ruling planet, Neptune, is going to be healthy for you this month, Pisces. You may feel like a fog is lifted and have more resolve than usual. Your boundaries are so intact that they may slight others’ egos. But you will take it all in stride and focus more on who and what you love. You may feel like you have more time for your true passions because of your commitment to your own care. Neptune retrograde gets you out of a rut and into the real world. And you don’t feel like escaping, now. You are grounded in your goals and convictions. They are unshakeable.

Make out to this song: “Stuck On A Feeling” by Prince Royce featuring Snoop Dogg. I can’t tell, is he saying “I know you’re a handful” or “I know you’re nympho?”