Welcome to Gemini season! Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini’s are known to be versatile thinkers. Fueled with energy and social interaction this period strays away from the practicalities of life. There are a few major aspects occurring astrologically this June, the first of which will be a New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd; joining with a fixed star in the constellation of Orion. The fixed star – Aldebaran along with the new moon gives exceptional energy, courage and perseverance. The combination of the fixed star along with the New Moon creates space for you to be extra inquisitive and intellectually daring.

Engage with the world during this time to nourish what you think and the world will reward you for indulging in your curiosity. You may encounter some restless energy due to Gemini being a mutable sign but remember with that comes flexibility and ease. Think about how you can become more comfortable with endings, transitions and change.

Remember that New Moons tend to lead us working on our instincts and tune into our guts. Discernment is important to balance the guidance of the sun with this New Moon. Begin a quest to delve into your hobbies and talents but ensure that you don’t become caught up in the airiness that comes with the sign of the sun. The earthy trine between Venus in Taurus will support and root your values and desires you find inspiring this month.

*Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.*


The influence of Uranus and Pluto indicates that transformative changes are on the way for you this month dear Gemini. Whether it be in your career or in personal matters, become aware of how your life is morphing into what you have always imagined for yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and stand in your joy. Ask yourself how you can become free from restraints you put on yourself. Use this time to cultivate the way you perceive yourself.


Family is very near to you, Cancer, but meaningful work comes as a close second. Although you perform well when juggling many commitments; remember to take time to pay attention to yourself. Use this month to draw within and take care of you. It can become easy to get caught up nurturing others, leaving your cup empty. Take some quiet time to spend time alone. Pick up a forgotten hobby and indulge in silence. Saturn reaches the middle degrees of your birth sign this month, indicating a time for introspection, focus and discipline.


This June focus on creative fulfillment by way of your career. Many opportunities are coming into focus and the New Moon is an ideal time to channel your energy and talents into your work. Be wary of monkey brain as ideas swing from one to another. Pick something you have been sitting on for a while to be clear about where you plan to take your goals. Emphasize clarity for utmost creative satisfaction in all your endeavors. Don’t give in to any shortcuts and be wary of an overactive social life. Enjoy yourself while you dig deep into your 5th house of creativity and joy.


As Jupiter rolls through your sign until September your energy is expanding exponentially. Hold onto these energies as you switch your perspective. Think about your most important priorities and goals; how can you hone in on reaching your highest potential? Take this month to practice the art of letting go of some burdening control issues. Although you have all the capacity of make things happen, don’t get caught up in overconfidence that you lose sight of what you’re working towards. Lean into your realistic and flexible characteristics and direct your sensitivity towards your loved ones and friends. It will return to you.


Venus rules you dear Libra and it takes the highlight of the planets this June. While retrograde Venus moved across the sun on the 8th of the month you might feel insight and inspiration. Retrograde brings about a time of reconsideration. Go inwards; dive into your past with an inquisitive mind. Venus is retrograde in your 9th house which represents philosophy, learning and higher teachings. You may feel uncertain recently; find comfort in the time in between confusion and clarity. Take this month to rest but remain motivated to push past old habits that could be holding you back. Your career might become an area of focus after Venus changes to forward motion at the months end.


If you could sit down and design who you are, what would you look like? This is a time for immense transformation, Scorpio. Think about this question while this intense energy is present but be wary of setting yourself up to your own idealism and expectations. Be honest with yourself this June, stray away from people pleasing. Saturn and Mars will come square Jupiter midmonth, remind yourself of your willpower. Follow your positive desires but be mindful of what you seek out in others. Revel in this experience to make significant shifts in your life and the relationships you hold with others.


Jupiter is stationed in your career house until September, dear Sagittarius. Along with Chiron in your 2nd house of talents and money and Neptune in your 3rd house of the mind. This June is an opportunity to clear away any blocks that have built up the past 6 months. Approach change with optimism and confidence. Feelings and passions may cloud your judgment, but clarity and wisdom will persevere. Organize your feelings in a journal or begin a meditation practice, slow down this month. Listen to your innermost self.


You may thrive under stressful conditions, Capricorn, but remind yourself of your limits. Listen to your body this month; it’ll tell you what it needs. Practice gentleness with yourself. The rules of your sun sign is Saturn which is transiting through your relationships house. Think about the relationship you hold with yourself; are you giving yourself what you would give others? Focus on breakthroughs this month and think about the stories that you are telling yourself that has now outlived its usefulness. Take responsibility to allow yourself to dream big. Clarity and healing are sure to come your way.


Retrograde Neptune is located it the middle of your sun sign which will energize your airy, thought-filled energy. The watery planet of Neptune brings about feelings of passion and creativity. Avoid the temptation to escape idealism, dear Aquarius. Focus instead on nurturing yourself. Create a meaningful dialogue between you and your loved ones. Ask yourself where you can develop more patience in your life. Practice slowing down this June and channel your energies towards moving forward into unchartered territory.


You may encounter some tension this month dear Pisces. Your 4th house of needs and emotions and your 10th house of careers and showing up to others crossover this June. Take a look at how you might be putting the needs of others before yourself. How can you organize what is a priority in your life? Journal, communicate and be honest with yourself. Keep the company of inspiring friends. Practice self-discipline and self-nurturing while you begin to unlearn what doesn’t serve you.


Clarity and perception are very strong for you this month Aries! Your 3rd house of communication and the mind is transiting through the home sign of Gemini which will provide you with resources to serve you well this June. Be patient with new and innovative ideas, live in the moment. Use this time to unwind and relax, everything will come in due time. Ask yourself how you can achieve fresh insight into your goals. A shift at the solstice later in the month will propel you closer to those future dreams.


During this month the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn take up your first 3 houses of identity, values and the mind. Take this time to challenge yourself. You may face resistance on reaching beyond your comfort zone. Remember on your path there is no going backwards, embrace the new currents. Creative energy is strong this month, use this influence to get inspired. Use your intuition and common sense to weigh short – term costs against long – term benefits when it comes to making serious impactful decisions. Remember to remain grounded and practical dear Taurus.