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JusReign, Canadian-Punjabi Youtube sensation who is so famous in North America I don’t even have to write this description, has aged well. Where his original videos were five-minute long rambles about Miss Pooja and other niche Punjabi experiences, his content has evolved to be larger commentaries on immigrant identity, Desi lives and politics on the whole. He has found fans across borders and ethnicities, though his videos never stray far from his truly brown experiences.

In his recent upload, “Desi Parents and BIRTHDAYS” (all caps added by him), Jasmeet walks viewers through the normal progression of a typical Desi do, specifically a Desi birthday party for a Desi kid. First come the close hugs and death grips between uncles, then the general structureless attempts at entertaining the kids (“Let’s play a game! Who can dance best?!”), then the cake feeding ritual and finally the separation of men and women to their gender-assigned rooms and conversations.

This video is so spot-on it’s practically anthropological. Watch it below.