LA.MIMI’s music demands you listen with headphones. The non-binary Pakistani-based artist’s tracks are roving sound baths with careful, eerie lyrics. The details in the sound spin around and above your head as you listen, ready to disappear into the ether of an empty room. With their debut EP M.BRYO, LA.MIMI is committing memory to song. Five tracks encapsulate a complicated, layered mental experience.

“Don’t deplete my light/I’m setting myself on fire” opens “Deplete Light,” the comforting second track of the EP. The vocals fall to the back of the music, another instrument in the band. They seem incidental to the experience.

“Holdin’,” the third track, roves widely. It begins as one song then becomes another. The vocals are minimal again, making the song feel more like a sound poem than anything else. “Holdin’ on/To voices in my head/Listen/Listen/To what they say,” they echo above the instruments.

It’s clear LA.MIMI is willing to experiment in service of the listening experience. Track five “Pure Love” retains the alien soundscape quality of the other songs on the EP, but it pushes further into a brighter horizon.