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To fight back and stay alive.

We are living in scary times — with the inauguration next week of the country’s first Dorito-in-Chief and the beginning of the ACA repeal, it feels like everything is on the brink of collapse. Canadian band LAL knows this and have shared a song to help.

From their new album, Find Safety, LAL’s song “Rubbish” is about coming together and finding strength. The album itself is about “QT/BIPOC communities and allies searching for safety.”

“This song is about my experience as a Bangladeshi and Nic’s West-Indian experience growing up in the West and our connection to dance music and hip hop culture, though this experience is much wider then our own,” singer Rosina Kazi said over email, talking about the band members’ background.

“Our communities during tough times would always get together and dance and sing, and eat eat… this is our way of fighting back and staying alive against this ‘Rubbish’ system. I feel like there’s gonna be much more dancing and gatherings in the days ahead.”

Listen to “Rubbish” below.