Libra season is here! The sun enters Libra on September 23rd and on this day, we experienced an equal day and night. This balance is brief but very telling of the month ahead. Libra’s represent peace, harmony and beauty. With this comes sensitivity as Libra’s are very attuned to feeling when the scales shift.

Libra season will bear all of these sentiments along with a reality check as the planets moving through Libra and Saturn (planet of boundaries and discipline) and Pluto (planet of power and long lasting changes) in Capricorn we are ask to observe if the metaphorical scales in our lives are balanced. Take this time to cut out what is unnecessary from your life and pay attention to your priorities. Socialize and indulge in the pleasures of life all while taking time to re-center as the year begins to comes to a close.

Pluto also stations direct after a long period of retrograde bringing us back into reality. A Pluto transit can be very profound as it calls for a deep trust in oneself. It requires letting go of what needs to pass and allowing new to come forward. Hand in hand with the sun in Libra, this can be a transformational time.

*Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.*


Growth comes at a cost this year, Libra. Ask yourself in what ways have you been committed to yourself this year. The sun illuminates your first house which lights up areas of personal identity and self-expression. As you are at the peak of your solar cycle, this is your moment to take advantage of that energy.

Learn to balance confidence with humility as you get in touch with a true sense of who you are. Learn to operate alone during this time with introspection. Take steps to improve how you come across to others, now is the time to carve your own path.


Invest in self-development this month, however that may look for you. Invest in your career, future, happiness, and health. October is a pivotal point in your year to direct your attention to what matters most. And right now, that’s doing things on your own.

The sun travels through your 12th house making this period a time of retreat and regeneration. Think about the attachments you have to things, people, and routines, and determine which of those are dragging you down. Tap into your dreams, maybe even keep a dream journal. Endings are sure to come up during this time but remember everything is bound to come to an end until a new cycle begins. Rest and reflect this month, dear Scorpio.


This month is all about dreams coming true, dear Sagittarius. Connections that you have made throughout this year are beginning to pay off in a goal oriented cycle. Your 11th house is alive this October which represents a very social sector of your chart.

You will cultivate a strong sense of community with yourself and those around you whether it be career wise or socially. Take advantage of this unconventional time to plant a seed in a form of a wish for the future.


At no surprise to you, your career and reputation sector of your chart is at the forefront this month. More than any time of the year, your focus is drawn to your place in the world. Remember that you are capable to accomplish something important.

Do not stray away from those who support you. Reconnect with old teachers and mentors. Recognition is likely to come your way this October. Do what you feel is right and keep in mind that you are at your most motivated during this period in the year.


Take advantage of this time as the sun takes a trip through your house of adventure and higher learning. Step out of your comfort zone to learn something new. The more you can give into exploring your interests the better.

If you find yourself feeling stuck, draw your focus outwards. Engage with people you usually don’t spend time with to broaden your horizons. Your ambitions and goals take center stage this month, keeping an open mind will lead you closer to where you want to be.


October is all about remembering that you have a special talent to connect to others, dear Pisces. Utilizing this talent during this time will help you grow immensely with others. Exploring this may help you adopt a new philosophy or perspective on life.

The sun is moving through your house of intimacy which means this is an ideal time to explore your desires. You may be feeling sensitive (more so than usual) but take this as a sign of you being able to connect with yourself.


Don’t fight yourself this month, dear Aries. You tend to expend most of your energy pushing against what you dislike rather than moving towards your desires.

The sun illuminates your 7th house placing an emphasis on partnership. Team up with others and learn to enjoy companionship and the support of other people. It is important to include others rather than to go solo for this month. Practice your diplomacy when working in career settings and reinforce your ability to cooperate and harmonize.


The full moon in your sign on the 24th will ask you to look deep within yourself. Only you can turn your desires into reality but you seem to be distracted. You have been putting in hard work throughout the year learning to accept change but now it’s about rebirth.

October may feel like an intense month for you but know this hardship will develop into growth. Opportunity to build your skills and self esteem is abundant. It is time to bring order to your life by focusing on all the moving parts that make up your life.


You may be feeling more inspired to create this month, dear Gemini. Pleasure and amusement play an important role in your search for freedom of self-expression now. This is a cycle where your inner child comes out to play.

But keep in mind that your best work comes from planning, don’t get ahead of yourself without thinking things through. The more thoroughly you plan the better your results will be. Develop a habit of being more methodical this October, keep a journal and note down what you want to take more responsibility for.


This time is for you, Cancer. Your home life needs you now; this is a time to get grounded and tend to your responsibilities. Build a space for yourself that the outside world cannot see. Focus on feelings of safety and welcome alone time. Work to accept your desires before you share them with anyone else.

October is all about acceptance and self care. You work so hard to take care of others, make sure to tend to your own needs. The full moon in Aries on the 13th is a great time to develop new habits like journaling or meditation.


Communicate your truest feelings, dear Leo. This month learn to perfect your communication skills as you may feel some tension in that sector. After a busy month your focus is back to reality where social interactions are emphasized during this period.

Expend your energy in understanding and adapting to your environment. Where can you be more gentle when speaking to yourself? You are extremely resourceful in giving yourself what you need, be sure not to forget that when you feel challenged.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes in retrograde at the end of this month but that’s not always a bad thing. The sun highlights your second house of material affairs and comfort. What have you done to give yourself a sense of security?

Pour your energy into your work this month. Use your outstanding organization skills and attention to detail to ensure that you are on top of what needs to get done before anything else.

All art by Nandini Moitra