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In M.I.A.’s latest attempt to be relevant, she has come out in defense of alleged rapist Julian Assange. Following the news that Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is no longer under investigation for rape in Sweden, M.I.A. posted an impassioned defense of Assange on Instagram.

In addition to using the term “corporate humanity rapist” unironically and saying that we effectively live in a rape culture where images of naked women are proliferated, M.I.A. went further to say Assange was framed for rape and that he should in fact be thanked for his work.

“Let’s not ask questions about that because that’s normal but dismiss everything this guy did because it hasn’t occurred to you that we are not in the 60s and 70s where they just kill you like Malcom x or JFK , they just ‘slander’ or ‘frame’ you mostly use sex or drugs or money to do it,” she writes.

“He helped You to see hypocrisy you should thank him and fast fix your system not hide him or the cracks he exposed.”

M.I.A. is defending a man, with no proof to the contrary, who has been accused of raping multiple women and who was under investigation for rape. M.I.A. and Assange have a longstanding relationship that has included her music appearing in his TV show “The World Tomorrow” in 2012 and Assange being Skyped into her 2013 New York concert. It should be known that Assange was accused of raping two women in 2010. Whatever M.I.A.’s politics are when it comes to defending women, she has thrown them out the window repeatedly for Assange.

M.I.A. is not an ally. She is not here for survivors of sexual violence.