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Musician Madame Gandhi has partnered with the progressive fashion brand NorBlack NorWhite (NBNW) to raise awareness about the global rape crisis during her India tour this month. Now, we are bringing you exclusive photos from her fashion shoot.

Madame Gandhi will wear NBNW pieces on each of her stages. The campaign’s paragon piece, a t-shirt with the text, “A Woman Was Harassed Here,” was inspired by artist Aqui Thami who wheat-pasted bright pink posters with the same text on city walls where she or the women she knew were harassed in India.

The Island General Set” by NBNW. Photo by Akshay Sharma.

The sale of the “A Woman Was Harassed Here” merchandise will support the Dharavi Art Room, a project committed to using art as a tool for women and children to have a voice and express themselves. The Art Room is Aqui and her partner Himanshu’s attempt to create safe spaces–not just in the physical realm, but in the minds and imagination of Dharavi’s residents–by providing them with creative outlets and explorations.

“I feel fearless. I feel powerful when I think about these issues. It triggers a deep empathy and passion inside of me,” Gandhi said. “Because I know I have such a visceral, emotional reaction to these issues, I feel like my whole purpose on this earth is [to be] a vessel to channel these issues and to get really good at speaking about them so I can help others.”

“I wanna live in a world where we can exist without feeling threatened or over-sexualized. My main goal is to educate all genders to feel authentic in [their] sexuality and to have sex that is consensual and joyful,” she continued.

A Woman Was Harassed Here” t-shirt design by Aqui Thami. Photo by Akshay Sharma.

Find the pieces mentioned and NBNW’s full collection here. Check out dates and buy tickets for Madame Gandhi’s India tour on her website.