Happy Pisces season! My name is Anisa (Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon, Leo rising) – I’d like to introduce myself as Kajal Magazine’s new horoscope writer. Each month we will explore the stars and planets through an insightful look at each of the 12 zodiac signs. Astrology helps me create a space to attend to my inner life – it creates a container which I can process unresolved thoughts and emotions. I hope that by sharing a monthly horoscope I can help bring more awareness into your inner life.
Not only have we entered the harmonious watery sign of Pisces, we also ring in the month of March with Mercury going into retrograde. Mercury, the planet of communication, commerce and movement transitions into retrograde on the 5th of this month until the 28th. This retrograde is particularly special because it occurs entirely in the sign of foggy, wandering Pisces.

The basics: Mercury Retrogrades – and their accompanying departures from the customary and the ordinary – are usually quite noticeable. If we release our expectations, this can be a fun and exciting shift. Retrograde planets are essentially seekers—not only going against the normal flow, eschewing forward motion, but also ditching the path altogether in favor of some winding side roads. This does not necessarily mean things are bound to go wrong, but it does mean that we on Earth are called to disengage autopilot, be observant, take our time, and take a lot less for granted.

Although astrologers tend to approach retrograde with caution, this doesn’t mean your life is going to fall apart. I like to approach retrogrades as a time to slow down. Take time for to introspect and reflect upon behaviors that may be holding you back. We may find ourselves getting stuck in a fog, making it harder to make decisions. Retrograde in Pisces can also lend itself to a more easily deluded state of mind – be mindful of where you spend your time and energy this month. It is important with Pisces energy to keep grounded and rely on your senses to return to reality.

During this time, we may also feel more sluggish both mentally and physically. Ensure to take time to rest and recharge. As we know, Pisces is a compassionate sign, charged with empathy and understanding. Retrograde in this sign can bring about an overabundance of or lack of these feelings – take note of how you are able to better balance creating healthy boundaries in relationships – even with yourself. Intuition falls under the domain of Pisces as well which can act as helpful guidance since focus may be lacking but do be cautious to not get lost in them. Practice noticing a difference between listening to inner guides and the tendency to believe what we want to hear. Take an open mind and accepting heart towards everything that comes your way this month.

*Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.*


This retrograde is especially heightened due to its start at the anaretic degree (the very last degree) which is sometimes described as “crisis” energy. Pisces is also the last sign of the zodiac, possibly bringing up a cycle of endings, resistance to let go or blockages – both internal and external. Pay close attention to the way you deal with endings – are you eliminating from the root or leaving room on the surface for the issue to arise once again? A new moon occurs in Pisces on March 6th, day after retrograde begins, bringing even more energy in your sign. Not to worry, the new moon will bring productivity and imagination to you, dear Pisces. Harness this highly energetic time to reconstruct the dreamworld you’ve been living in – take time to focus on how to assert yourself and your emotions effectively.


This is time for you to reconnect and re-center as your season is right around the corner. Slow down, catch up on rest and listen to your inner voice – use the mystic Pisces energy to work on strengthening your psychic abilities. Take note of some of the shadow qualities of your sign – conflictive, reckless and risk-taking and ruminate on how to transform into your more courageous, pioneering, and expressive self. Learn from Pisces compassionate side to give yourself some more care during this tumultuous time of retrograde – be aware of becoming overindulgent though, feelings of sluggishness can arise if not careful. An unbalanced ram can become heavily destructive lean on rumination rather than explosive tendencies. A common challenge for Aries during Mercury Retrograde lies in the challenge of balance – practice defining the line between healthy competition and egotism.


You seek value in matter – in what matters and to valuing the processes to achieving anything of value. During this retrograde you may feel pulled out of anything of value bringing about resistance or possessive qualities. Take this period of intensity to return to self-value through acknowledging personal efforts and asserting value through taking care of core feelings and self-worth. Strengthen your relationship with gratitude. Pisces energy places emphasis on inner form – ensure that you are taking into consideration when something is acquired that cannot be afforded. Spend your energy wisely dear Taurus and let yourself become unearthed from your typical grounded character.


Mercury rules you Gemini and there tends to be greater sensitivity to retrograde cycles when it applies to this planet. Mercury is the planet of communication and you dear Gemini are the messenger of the zodiac. Tune into your clever, adaptable and perceptive traits to your advantage – as it’s possible you’re feeling more anxious than usual. Exercise extra patience this month with yourself as you navigate the waters of retrograde in Pisces. Be aware that Pisces season activates the career sector of your chart – tap into your creativity and delve deep into your passion. As a mutable sign use upcoming change to your advantage – any roadblocks that come your way can be used as an opportunity to stretch your mindset and find an alternative path.


As a fellow water sign this retrograde can bring about new beginnings. Take this month as a time to reflect upon how to better deal with over extending yourself emotionally. Pisces in Mercury Retrograde can set a Cancer up by becoming overly concerned with nurturing others which ends up in neglecting the self. It is important for you to broaden your perspective, travel and open your mind to see the bigger picture. Notice if you are holding onto any negative emotions, memories or past experiences that perpetuate cycles that bring you further away from the highly aware individual you are. Remember to remain gentle, nurturing and loving through this trying time for you dear Cancer.


Dear Leo this Mercury Retrograde occurs in your 8th house – one of the more difficult houses to have such a strong retrograde in. The way you perceive authority and pride can transform with the help of Pisces empathic and meditative energies. Fear not, you are strong enough to power through and come out of this time with a renewed outlook on the way you navigate your intimate relations and yourself. To use this retrograde as a healing source look at your shadow side (a mask of egotism) instead of running away. Observe yourself and your feelings as an outsider looking in – ask yourself how you can tap into your creative nature to evoke progressive thought and peace.


This March marks an important transit for you this year Virgo – let this retrograde guide you towards building connections with people. Use Pisces compassionate energy to bring you closer to others but ensure that you heed your intuition. Do what you do best Earth sign by keeping grounded as retrograde can lead you into being more critical, picky and timid. As the disciple of the zodiac study how your interactions with others shape the way you interact with yourself. Is your distaste for disorder leading you closer or further away from the person you aspire to be? Mercury is your ruling planet, giving you the opportunity to use this chaos to loosen up your routine – open into your talent of efficiency in your actions, thoughts and service.


Harmonious Libra this retrograde brings you face to face with the scales of indecision and procrastination. Practice balance in your work life – focus on many different levels to work on your work and health as this retrograde can give you an opportunity to address any lingering issues you have around your zone of productivity. Ask yourself how you can slow down this month and implement some time to relax, read a book or learn something new. Instead of acting on idea, concepts and pattern spend time honing in on what you truly feel passionate about – explore your talents so you can narrow your perspective thus bringing more clarity and less indecision. See the range of your entire self this Pisces season dear Libra.


This Mercury Retrograde plays a role in your 5th house, Scorpio. Prepare for deep emotional work to be done throughout this month. Have patience and take it slow as you better understand the necessity of change. Your intensity and awareness will guide you through the cloudy waters of Pisces retrograde. As a fixed sign retrogrades can be a time for you to learn how to better adapt to constructive change. Notice how you can better respect others and your own boundaries Practice letting go – channel your inner visionary and break any cycles that feel restrictive. Work on giving up your beloved sense of control, go with the flow and be more present – even if only for this month.


Expansive energy of Sagittarius comes from deep trust in intuition – use this to your advantage during this Pisces Retrograde. Change this March occurs in your 4th house which represents your home, your roots and your core. Prepare to face some unresolved issues, a deep sense of nostalgia can occur. Ask yourself how you have been avoiding the parts of yourself that you fear most, how can you find solace in places you fear most? Visit your past self as a child – knock down deep emotionally challenging structures and dissolve them in the Pisces water. With introspection this retrograde can push you to come out as a renewed version of yourself.


Practice honoring your feelings this March dear Capricorn, this retrograde occurs in your 3rd house – focusing on your communication style. Be aware of how you can better practice clarity in communication – this is a period prone to misunderstanding. As a cardinal sign, you’re used to taking things into your own hands, but this retrograde will encourage you to allow others to influence the way you communicate. Take caution to not let responsibility take over your best interests and lend an open ear to friends and family who may see patterns you are unable to note from your perspective. Practicality is always helpful during Retrograde but make sure to harness oceanic Pisces energy to channel a more empathic communicative approach to yourself and others.


Dive deep into this retrograde harnessing your inventive nature dear Aquarius. This month you will face challenges in your 2nd house focused on financial structures. As this Pisces retrograde is occurring in the very last sign of the zodiac – pay close attention to cycles surrounding how your approach money and finances. You may feel like indulging in impractical, rebellious and disruptive behaviors but always be aware of long-term goals you’ve created for yourself. Restructure the way you think about money. Ask yourself how you become attached to materialistic items and transition into practicing non-attachment. As the water bearer you have the power to use vital, flowing knowledge to change your present situation – use this archetype to your advantage during this retrograde. Don’t take yourself too seriously, engage in your eccentric ideas and use this time as a creative period to bring more abundance into your life.