This month we celebrate the Taurus! Taurus seeks in matter, stability and value. Often depicted as a bull, a representation of wealth and value, Taurus have a strong connection with the earth. During this time patient is key, and luckily for Taurus, it’s one of your greatest virtues. May begins with a New Moon in Taurus on the 4th bringing grounded beginnings. During this period not only those who bear their sign in Taurus will feel the need for stability; this new moon will affect fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) most significantly. Set an intention with yourself in mind, the New Moon is especially known to bring about changes that you deeply desire. Keep in mind that Taurus is a fixed earth sign where we prefer to stay in our comfort zone. Thankfully we have Uranus to give us that push we need to keep moving in the right direction. One may not always experience this energy as positive, especially the parts of our chart ruled by Taurus, but we are much better off welcoming the unpredictable changes that come along with it.

Venus also rules this lunation, currently in Aries, may make us more impatient to satisfy our hearts desires. Stay true to the patient, persistent and reliable characteristics of a Taurus and you are sure to reap the benefits of this new moon. Take your time and give yourself whatever you need to move through this transformative process.

Lastly, we have entered Pluto Retrograde since April 24. This transit lasts until October 3rd but will bring about change and transformation as it pushes us to face our fears head on. Pluto teaches endurance, some may worry that this period is much longer than a Mercury retrograde but remember this is an important time to get closer to your goals. Stand your ground, understand that lessons are being sent your way to encourage a period of growth and turning inward. Pluto typically will have the strongest effect on Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn but all signs will feel this retrograde to some extent.

*Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.*

Taurus: Lean into your rebellious streak dear Taurus! This is your time to stray away from your rooted tendencies. Although your inner beliefs and attitudes are noted for determination and perseverance this can sometimes lead to being averse to change. The sun is traveling through your 12th house which marks a time of retreat and regeneration. Think about the attachments you have to things, people and routines and consider those that do not serve you anymore. It’s not a time to push ahead; rest and reflect on what you have outgrown after yet another year around the sun.

Gemini: This month is a time for you to turn your focus inwards. Pluto is directly opposite of your sign meaning that your feelings are playing a big role in your decision. Mediate or journal and notice how your feelings are guiding you this month. Cultivate positive energies to constructively influence every step you take during this emotionally charged period. Lack of awareness may lead to feelings of despondency or laziness. Be mindful and work with your feelings in honest ways. With your strength in the third house of perception and intelligence, you have all the tools to work effectively between the power struggle between leading with your heart or your mind. Remember that sometimes feelings are stronger than intellect.

Cancer: Your sensitivity is your superpower, Cancer. Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and the Sun are all working in harmony to illuminate how you can live powerfully and effectively. But keep in mind that planets are merely influences, you still need to remain motivated and tenacious to reach your goals. Mid-month be careful of your desires, they may be stronger than usual. Stand your ground and remember your power lies within; dig deep. Use this highly energetic time to anchor your heart in the living intuitive flow of life. Practice manifestation, especially during the new moon at the start of the month and you can be a powerhouse of benefit.

Leo: May calls for you to project your radiance within dear Leo. With Neptune opposite your sign there is a possibility for you to sense irritation without a clear source. Unexpected events and unpredictable behavior could add tension into your life. Not to worry, Leo is the archetype of creativity. Use your wit to tap into the knowledge you possess through thought and focus. With the help of Saturn well positioned in your sign, your intuition is heightened. Learn to practice creative visualization by initially releasing your fears and doubts to the process. This month don’t push for success, be thoughtful and prudent.

Virgo: This month your energy is released and free, slowly let go of your tendency to do things in an orderly manner. The world is a dynamic place and as a disciple of the zodiac it is in your power to do something constructive this month. Balance your enthusiasm with the wisdom that comes with embodying a Virgo. You may be slightly prone to agitation because of the Jupiter Sun opposition but remember to veer away from fault finding. Be gentle with yourself, there is a healthy line between healthy analysis and legalistic repression.

Libra: As the artist of the zodiac this is your time to color your world as you wish. As you tap into your creativity remember to check the weights on the scale, as you try to balance generosity with acquisition. This month may bring some opposition with emotional and mental distractions. Take time to think about your ideal world; find the discrepancies between what you say and what you do. The Libra archetype governs polarization, it is in your favor to use that energy to slow down and return to your roots. And never forget that it’s okay to ask for support; don’t shy away from asking for reinforcements this month, Libra.

Scorpio: Scorpio you are an inward facing sign harnessing the characteristics that embody transforming, investigating and empowering. Pluto retrograde will affect those with Scorpio placements in their charts and as we know Pluto is known to transform. Pluto is very symbolic of rebirth and tends recreates life in unexpected ways. You may face some resistance over your boundaries with others this month. Pay attention to what people in your life say through actions. Stay true to your intuition, as it will always; remind you of your values. People are always revealing themselves to you, it’s your job to listen.

Sagittarius: Pluto is in your sign for quite some time dear Sagittarius. This means your standard intelligence may waver towards a more emotional driven mindset. With such strong feelings you may begin to use methods of distraction to escape; try to remain clearheaded. You are an inspired individual, remember your motivation to help you stay on track. Utilize your archetype of exploration to cultivate an inward conversation with your being. Track the source of these emotions that come up throughout the month, what are they really trying to tell you? Listen and be still and you shall become closer to yourself.

Capricorn: Reflective Capricorn this is your time to act! With no direct influences on your sign, the plants all call you to act on that decision you have been contemplating. Act this month and practice spontaneity. With so much energy to benefit you there is no time to waste. You have invested in what you care about with time and patience. Check in with the goals you set for yourself at the start of this year; what have you been putting off in fear of failure? Remember impermanence, Pluto retrograde brings about change whether you are ready or not. Use your practical and disciplined nature to your benefit and go get what’s waiting for you to claim.

Aquarius: You are a spiritual and visionary center for the universe dear Aquarius. Remember this as you move through some heavy terrain this month, there are bound to be changes. Rely on your unconventional ways to change the way you approach situations that challenge you. Don’t be so worried to do the ‘right thing’ that you stop investigating the truth of a matter. Clear-headedness is what you can count on to guide you through. With such a strong imagination it is likely that an Aquarius can fall into the trap of negative thoughts. Keep awareness on your thoughts and purposefully redirect them to shape a life you want to live.

Pisces: Jupiter’s influence is high for you this month dear Pisces. Your visionary, compassionate self will come through in ways to aid in growing into your future. That comes with one condition, you must first release your attachment to the past. Think about what’s holding you back and allow yourself the peace of letting everything go but the moment. Let this month be an active practice of introspection. Spend time thinking about what you want before you act, it will save you time and energy. All you have is the present, Pisces.

Aries: Aries you represent harmony between intellect and feelings, remember this as you move the month of May. This month may tempt you to hold on too tightly when you’re faced with something you don’t want to lose. Stray away from rigidity and lean into softness. Channel your passions into actions that reflect what you want to see happen rather than what you fear to come. Use your desires in a constructive manner; mediate upon what you seek to find. With the help of Venus show gentleness towards yourself. Show up in the name of who you love, show up for yourself.