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What do our astrological elements mean?

Just because you’re a water sign doesn’t mean you love the ocean or cry a lot. There are plenty of Cancerians who are terrified of deep sea dives, Scorpions who find sea creatures pretty ugly, and Pisceans who are emotionally lacking. Spring is a good time to look at how our elemental qualities influence our attitudes and movements. Look to your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs, as well as your natal birth chart, to explore your dominant and subdued elemental qualities. How do these show up in your relationships, or simply the way you walk down the street?


Art by Ayqa Khan


You are the first sign and fire was one of humankind’s first discoveries. You move things forward and stoke buzz in the world. Nestled between Pisces and Taurus in the zodiac order, there is a softness to Aries that is brightened by its fiery qualities. This month, consider the tools and resources you have to stoke your inner fire: your finger pads to drum on things, a pink cactus flower to bring more fire into the room, a bright underwear set underneath a neutral set of clothing.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You are like the Yule Log. I mean that TV program that shows a log burning in a fireplace during Christmas time. It’s been broadcasted since the 1960’s, and people just…kind of…like it. It’s a fire that makes you feel comfortable and warm, a little less alone. When I was a child, I would stare at it while my family argued around the table. It brought that kind of healing. And so does your energy, Leo. Don’t think too hard about how you can bring good into the world, it’s already within you and bursting.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You are the fire ritual. You are the love letter set aflame, the seance, the controlled field burn. Joy is exalted in your sign, which means you may see darkness just as easily. You don’t linger there much, though, because of your fire quality. There’s a way you bounce back, a resilience many wish they had. This trait will help you out as the planets have a conversation that remythologizes your life. You are on the brink of change, but the ride will seem more like you’re in a skate park than a storm.


Art by Ayqa Khan


This sign represents the intertidal zone, one of the harshest environments for survival of marine creatures. Most of the animals that live here have hard shells. They are tough, pioneering, and industrious. They are not afraid of atmospheric storms because they deal with a tidal storm every day. There’s an idea out there that Cancers don’t like change, but this isn’t necessarily true. You are steady as the world around you shifts at every second. You can see any conflict and pursuit through.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You are a fixed sign. This makes sense when you think of the way water is represented in your sign: at the deepest of depths, the benthic zone. Here, there’s not much movement save for the molecular kind. Creatures hide in the sand and some have evolved novel ways to produce their own light, because it obviously gets pretty dark down there. I’m not sure humankind has enough time to discover benthic life, though submarines have tried. Your mystery is your holiness and no one could take that from you if they tried.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You are the waves and tides. Like Neptune, your love and madness is enormous. This is why you are among the meanest of signs when crossed. Tidal waves can expend a wrath up to hundreds of feet. Like the ocean, people need you, fear you, pollute you, and are healed by you. While boundaries might be a challenge to think about for some Pisceans, another way to nurture your sanity this month may be to take inventory of where and how you invest your energy. Are you like the Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean? Are you a whirlpool or puddle of mud?


Art by Ayqa Khan


You are the constant earthquake, the plasma moving underneath the earth’s crust. You have a languid way of moving through the world, almost dreamlike. All your movements are generative and you know this. This month, though, you may experience some stagnation, a building up of emotions that you thought you left behind but instead have followed you. How can you channel these to become more abundant? You may find that you can carry more with you than you believe, and it brings a lightness in time for your birthday season.

Art by Ayqa Khan


You are the sand on the beach, in deserts, and on stepped plains. Sand can be slate gray, domed and rolling, glimmering, or a mixed bag on a public venue. People go toward it for reprieve, solitude, and discovery. Do you notice how social interactions are always a lot different in sandy environments? It does something to people, standing on the earth element closest to water. Your experience of the world is markedly different than the status quo even if you live in an urban place, and this makes you a talented poet.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Earth’s core is made of two layers: the outer and inner core. The outer core is an alloy made of iron and nickel, including a seasoning of elements such as gold and platinum. The inner core is hotter than 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit, but the planet exerts so much pressure that the iron won’t melt. There is a lot of power in your core, Capricorn. This is the month to pay more attention to what’s inside, and how it drives your external world. The greatest thing about you is power and discipline of the self. It’s time to chisel, even if that means doing some 8-minute abs.


Art by Ayqa Khan


You are the force that makes the highways in the ocean. Water moves because of wind currents, and this is a beautiful phenomenon of relationship. You have a gentle way of guidance, but that doesn’t mean your air waves don’t create spitting springs and bubbling whirlpools every so often. This month, remember your gliding qualities. Move with the light catalysis that you’ve always known. Spring is here to teach you new things about relationships. You have a lot of joy ahead of you.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Clouds are some of the most popular sky forms out there. They are like daylight’s stars. How often have you been looking up? I suggest you do it as often as you can, the act of upgazing stretches your heart strings open and guides the shoulder blades down. Think of your bones. You are like a dancing skeleton. If your life was a music video, how would you move through it? This spring, you may find some art house cinema in the narrative of your days. There might be some turbulence but the clouds still look like lions, soap suds, and pillows for cherubs.

Art by Ayqa Khan


Winds carry vibrational waves. They make music. Bats can hear them and that’s how they navigate. What rare languages are you using in your life? It will tie you to a fascinating community that you will hold sacred, almost like a secret society. Somehow, this will help you in expanding yourself in your larger world. Aquarius is characterized by its exceptionally unique modes of thought. While Scorpio sees what no one else can, Aquarius can think of what no one else can, and this is your talent.